Blog_Burgers There’s a rich world of burgers out there to satisfy evolving dietary trends and late-night cravings. Let’s shelve the longstanding In-N-Out versus Shake Shack debate to venture beyond the traditional burger. From turducken-inspired to vegetable-centered, the variety of inventions will delight a wide range of appetites. Las Vegas | Fleur By Hubert Keller – Fleur Burger Sin City’s Fleur serves a wickedly good burger featuring Wagyu beef, grilled abalone mushrooms and caramelized onions between a brioche bun. Take it up a notch to a Vegas-style indulgence with foie gras and truffles for an extra $35. Fleur offers international small plates to round out this worldly experience – pair it with black garlic escargot. Culver City | A-Frame – Double Cheeseburger Experimental cuisine in L.A. isn’t complete without an ethnic twist. Roy Choi’s A-Frame serves a juicy double layer of Asian fusion, slathered in toasted sesame seed-speckled mayo and topped with fresh shiso herbs. The combination of rich tomato confit, pickled red onions, sharp cheddar cheese and hot sauce promises a flavorful and textural mouthful. All skillfully balanced between buttered brioche buns, this casual cheeseburger presents a worthy challenge to L.A.’s reigning burger kings, Umami and Father’s Office. New York City | Dirt Candy – Carrot Sliders Dirt Candy’s trio of carrot sliders presents a new way to devour these beta-carotene-rich roots. The softness of the steamed carrot juice-infused buns is well-balanced with crunchy toppings (carrot confit, pickles, fried yuba, onions and hoisin sauce). Each dish on Chef Amanda Cohen’s menu spotlights one vegetable, such as radish (black radish spaghetti with radish ravioli and horseradish), or fennel (raw and pickled fennel with caramelized yogurt on a carta di musica)—and definitely a fun and flavorful way to get your day’s servings of veggies. DB Bistro – Original DB Burger This flavor-packed creation is the turducken of the red meat sandwiches—and we don’t need a holiday to enjoy it. A juicy sirloin steak is stuffed with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffles and served on parmesan buns nearly every day of the year, along with a side of crispy, razor-thin fries. (Chef Daniel Boulud’s original DB Burger is said to have inspired the modern gourmet burger craze.) St. Helena/Napa | Gott’s Roadside– Ahi Burger In the signature burger at this Napa Valley favorite, seared Ahi tuna topped with ginger-wasabi mayonnaise and Asian slaw is served cushioned between toasted egg buns. Served with a side of chili-dusted sweet potato or garlic fries tossed in garlic butter and parsley, this pescatarian’s alternative is a nice change from the meat-packed sandwiches and traditional fish dishes.