Blog_Pav This is what happens when some of the world’s most renowned designers and architects re-envision the classic: ultra-modern pre-fab pavilions to accentuate your outdoor living spaces delivered right to your backyard. These “bespoke architectural collectibles” offer fresh new spaces for classy entertaining, seeking refuge or they can simply stand alone as innovative works of art. Revolution is a unique collaboration to create prefabricated structures including pavilions and homes. Its roster of over thirty globally respected designers and architects includes Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders, Kengo Kuma, Marmol Radziner, the late Zaha Hadid, Kravitz Design, Fernando Romero and David Salle. They are all brought together by real estate developer and art collector Robbie Antonio, who aspires to democratize high-design architecture without falling into the pits of monotony and homogeneity that is typical of premade commodities. These multipurpose pavilions range from $35,000 to more than $450,000 and ship globally. Additional structures will be revealed at art and design events throughout 2016. Below are a few of the collection pieces revealed thus far. volu-dining-pavilion-design-miami-2015- Volu Dining Pavilion By Zaha Hadid With Patrik Schumacher Inspired by organic forms, this contemporary dining pavilion features a webbed floor, a roof conjoined by a ten-foot spine and bespoke furniture. The structure presents a bold silhouette, the fusion of design, lightweight engineering and precision fabrication, and the signature curves of the Pritzker Architecture prize-winning Zaha Hadid. bamboo-pavilion-by-campana-brothers-park The Bamboo Pavilion By Campana Brothers Brazil’s hottest design duo, brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, crafted a versatile structure they envisioned as a tranquil place to meditate and relax, ideally on a sun-soaked beach or in a wooded locale. A bamboo-clad minimalist structure, the pavilion can be configured into a variety of shapes or unfolded altogether. the-recreation-pavilion-by-daniel-libeskind-v2 The ReCreation Pavilion By Daniel Libeskind With a sculptural silhouette defined by acute angles, stainless walls and warm timber, ReCreation Pavilion is a contemporary twist on the classic gazebo. It is surprisingly easy to transport. Conceived as a place of interaction between humans and nature, Daniel Libeskind’s creation offers a place to socialize, dine or simply take in the view. the-ellipsicoon-retreat-pavilion-by-ben-van-berkel-of-unstudio-exterior-1 The Ellipsicoon Retreat Pavilion By Ben Van Berkel Amsterdam firm UNStudio’s Ben Van Berkel devised a tranquil space for solitary moments of rest, or a cocoon-like theater for intimate gatherings. The curving sculptural form is composed of 100% recyclable polyethylene. It’s a “space for the mind, for the moments of ephemeral escape, for rumination, or for simply being,” Ben explains. ron_arad_-_project_perspective The Armadillo Tea Pavilion By Ron Arad This independent shell structure is designed to be an intimate enclosure within a garden, landscape or large indoor space. The modularity offers the freedom to configure the tea canopy a number of ways, and the shells’ finishing is customized for intended use. Whether used as a garden playroom or a place of reflection, the armadillo tea pavilion is both aesthetically and functionally versatile. Click here to check out more of Revolution’s limited-edition collectible pavilions.