Blog_Workout_Main Summer is just around the corner, and that means poolside vacations and bonfire nights. Whether you're staying in the city or traveling, we've got amazing class picks all over the U.S. to get your body ready for some much-needed beach time. MVMT Theory | Los Angeles Blog_Workout_1 MVMT Theory is a pop-up style hip hop dance class that gets your heart rate going with movement, music and spaces. Each class is designed to work up a sweat with fun choreography and yoga elements. Whether you try their MVMT Heels class - a dance class where you work out in your favorite heels and pumps - or the basic MVMT class, your body will move to the groove and sway to the rhythm in style. AQUASTUDIO | New York City Blog_Workout_2 A cycling class where the bikes are underwater, your body will push to develop physical strength, improve mental focus and concentration, as well as tolerance for lactic acid formation. Prepare to leave class with toned legs and a feeling of invincibility and resilience. Shred415 | Chicago Blog_Workout_3 The Shred415 interval-style workout involves alternating cardio on Woodway treadmills where you can choose to walk, jog or run and weight training throughout the course of 60 minutes. The high-wattage class fuels you up and finds muscles your body didn't even know it had. SURFSET Fitness at Sweat Republic | San Francisco  Blog_Workout_4 You may wobble at first, but this amazing surfboard is a core strengthening, full body workout that will torch calories and build lean muscle. The class incorporates strength training, cardio and core work while improving balance utilizing bands, discs, and surf-inspired exercises for a fun, results-oriented session. It's guaranteed to make you sweat and leave you beach-body ready. The Vacation Workout From Men's Fitness | Anywhere Those that are traveling a lot this summer without much access to equipment or gyms will love this hardcore workout. The routine comes from Jay Cardiello, a former trainer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and owner of Cardiello Fitness. It's suited to the sparsest hotel room or guest room, and it will help maintain your momentum until you're ready to head to the beach or back home again.