Blog_Feng Shui Into Home If you’re looking to bring fresh, new vibes and positive energy into your living space, feng shui is one of the best ways to do so. Originating from an ancient Chinese art, feng shui is conceptualized as positioning objects in a way to create balance and harmony. One of the most common steps  people take to create a new vibe is rearranging furniture or revamping decor.  However, there are many other changes  that can be made to bring an enlightening mood to your humble abode. Here are a few useful tips to help you maximize the feng shui energy in your living quarters.   Open The Front Door A clean entryway helps to create a welcoming space and prevents energy blockage. Keep the space around your front door clean and clear of objects and clutter. The presence of the door itself and surrounding elements should be in good shape. Repair any broken or rusted knobs and locks, refresh dull or cracked paint and replace any cracked potting plants or rugged mats. Color is also a very important component. Red is a symbol of good luck, so placing a red accent piece or flowering plant on or around your front door can help attract good fortune.   Remove Clutter Removing clutter from your living space is a cardinal rule in feng shui because holding onto it can block your flow of energy. Getting rid of old,useless objects and items that don’t hold significant value help to remove bad energy and create a peaceful environment. u63t1ds8 Place Living Plants Throughout Your Home Plants are a great accessory to any room because they help to purify the air and rid your home of toxins. It’s recommended to use large plants because smaller ones aid in the clutter ideology. Although living plants are ideal for inviting good energy into your home, if you don’t have the time, patience or skill to take care of them, then silk plants are the next best option.   Mirror, Mirror Mirrors are a good way to reflect energy in your home. Be mindful of where you place them, as you want to make sure that they reflect positive energy. It’s not recommended to place mirrors where the front door is reflected because it can cause positive energy to leave the home. Mirrors in the bedroom are also discouraged as they are said to disrupt sleep.   Create Balance Through Elements Inviting nature into your home is the best way to create peace. The more open your environment is to the natural elements, the better for creating a positive flow of energy. Open your blinds and windows and let in natural lighting and air. Decorate your home with wood, bamboo and stones to mimic textures found in nature. Hanging pictures and photos of nature can also help to create a sense of calm and serenity.   Incorporate Running Water The presence of flowing water symbolizes wealth and prosperity, so add a fountain or waterfall into your home to promote this kind of energy. Water also helps to remove negative ions from the air, creating an even more tranquil space of comfort.