Blog_Rolls Royce Gets Futuristic With Driverless Luxury Vehicle Luxury car brand Rolls-Royce has taken futuristic design to the next level with the introduction of its concept car, the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100. Also known as the 103EX, the sleek composition of the space-age model vehicle is nothing short of revolutionary and is set to redefine the luxury automotive industry. The 20-foot long, five-foot tall automobile is impressive in both design and function, as it mixes modern technological function with remnants of the brand’s iconic, traditional design. One of the most notable features that sets the Vision Next 100 light years ahead of the competition is an electric powertrain that makes the car completely autonomous. While most Rolls-Royce owners are accustomed to being driven around in the cushiony comforts of their current vehicles, the Vision Next 100 takes the human element out of chauffeuring completely. The confidence in autonomy is so apparent that the car lacks any manual and steering controls altogether. In place of the traditional human butler is a virtual assistant named Eleanor that acts as a concierge. The interior is impeccable and comfortable, offering a silk-lined rear sofa for lounging as the vehicle occupants cruise to their final destination. Upon arrival, the doors sweep open rearward just like the classic Rolls-Royce model, and the car's occupants are met with an illuminated red carpet that makes for the ultimate grand entrance. There's no official word yet on whether the Vision Next 100 is set for future production. As of now,  the design is purely conceptual; however, it establishes the prototype for elevating the luxury car experience to new heights. View the concept video here to get the full experience.