With the autumn season making its debut, it’s time to start trading out your bright and bold summer decor and start experimenting with the textures, patterns and color palettes of fall. If you’re looking to spruce up your home’s fall decor, here are some of the top interior design trends that will inspire you for the upcoming season.

Matte Black —> In contrast to the bold metallics that have become a mainstay in homes as of recent, matte black is gaining popularity in interior design for many reasons: it’s sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Trade out your shiny knobs and trinkets for a few matte black finishes. Mixing matte blacks with bold colors is also another trend to try.

Vintage Finds —> In this day in age, old is new again, so there’s no better way to refresh the look in your home than by stopping by a local flea market or yard sale to find some interesting vintage pieces. Add a custom touch to your newfound furniture or accessories by repurposing them to fit your style.

Bold Patterns —> Take a fearless approach to your fall decor with the introduction of bold patterns into your living space. Spruce up your living room with new pillows, add new window treatments to in your bedroom, or even try your hand at a daring accent wall. Finding small ways to incorporate patterns into your decor can make a big statement.

Metallics —> There’s something about metallic that adds an elegant touch to any space, but what makes it so unique is that it can be mixed and matched with so many other combinations of design elements. If you’re not a fan of the shine and luster that metallic generally brings, you can tone things down with a more rustic or matte finish. Don’t limit yourself to just gold and bronze, as rose gold and silver are popular choices as well.

Keep Things Neutral —> If you’re not a fan of using a lot of color in your interior decor, take a more subtle approach with a neutral palette. Browns, grays and creams are a major trend for the season, and mixing shapes, textures and tones can help to bring dimension and contrast to more muted hues.