Ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of the safest homes in Los Angeles? As it turns out, pretty luxurious. Perched high above the Sunset Strip with commanding 360-degree city views, 8570 Cole Crest Drive may look like your typical Hollywood Hills stunner, but there’s a lot more to this 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom home than meets the eye.

Represented by The Agency’s Damian NelsonPaul Lester, and Max Nelson, it’s outfitted with a home security system the likes of which few homeowners have ever seen. The company behind the operation is SAFE—Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments—a firm specializing in securing high-end homes with technologies and features that go beyond your standard home alarm system, protecting residents in the case of a home invasion, nuclear holocaust, or natural disaster. From secret passageways and facial recognition technology to “SAFE Core” panic suites and luxury bunkers boasting cafes, bowling alleys, and health spas, SAFE is redefining home security in the 21st century.

The Agency spoke with Lana Corbi, Co-Founder of SAFE, about the firm’s approach to home security and what makes 8570 Cole Crest Drive one of the safest homes in the city.

SAFE has a 39-year track record of never having a single client victimized in their SAFE environment. Without giving too much away, how do you do it?

Our methods are based in architectural protection. We create safe environments based on the philosophy of isolation and control. Very simply, if a threat can’t reach you, it can’t harm you. Our clients live in their own natural environment, yet in the event of a break-in or even natural disaster, their home becomes an impenetrable shell that offers an uncompromising level of protection against virtually any weapons, blasts, or even fire.

SAFE specializes in something called a “SAFE Core.” What distinguishes a SAFE Core from the standard panic room portrayed in movies?  

Panic rooms have become popular in recent years. They are effective in providing isolation from harm, however they are only beneficial if you can reach them with all family members before the bad guy can reach you. In most cases that is just not realistic in the seconds it takes for most crimes to be committed. Many crimes occur at night when the family is sleeping. To be startled in the middle of the night, gather up children, other family members or guests, and make it into a panic room is rarely effective. SAFE created the SAFE Core, which is custom-designed according to the home’s natural floor plan. Typically, it includes the master suite and adjacent bedrooms, or any broad area where the residents spend most of their time. If someone were to break into a home, the burglar cannot penetrate the SAFE Core where the family is isolated from harm, comfortable and moving safely from room to room. Most importantly, all of the features of the SAFE Core are imbedded into the walls, windows, and doors of the home, so there is no evidence of the extraordinary security provided by the SAFE Core.

Cole Crest is probably the best example of SAFE’s work in Los Angeles. Can you describe some of the security features incorporated throughout the house and what makes it—quite literally—so safe?

The Cole Crest property is one of the highest knoll-ridge properties in the city. With 360-degree views from the Hollywood sign to the Getty Center, and even Catalina, we wanted to take advantage of the stunning views with large windows and plenty of light. We also wanted to create an environment to accommodate many family members and guests at any time. To seamlessly secure the home we included multiple SAFE Cores to provide uncompromising protection for all of the family bedrooms, the guest house, and the lower level of the home. We combined the architectural protection (hardening) with the most advanced technologies such as entry gates, perimeter detection, facial recognition, palm-reader biometrics, shatter proof windows and a whole house control system. With all of its security, the home is open, bright and with no obvious signs of security.

Your systems are designed to thwart everything from home invaders to nuclear holocaust and natural disaster, with many features originally developed for the military. Why should homeowners consider investing in such high-tech security systems?

Crime and natural disasters are a reality. With proper planning, our clients don’t have to worry about the outcome, and peace of mind is priceless. SAFE provides scalable solutions based on the concern our homeowners have and the budget available to them. It is a far better use of money to invest in a system that will actually keep you safe, regardless of the risks you face, and know that if or when disaster strikes you will not be vulnerable.

For more information, visit SAFE’s website.