Can’t wait to kick-start your New Year’s resolution? Need new inspiration to add to your fitness and nutrition routine after the over-indulgent holidays? Well, we are one step ahead of you, researching 2017’s top fitness trends. Whether you’re looking for a new high-intensity workout, a way to mix-up your diet or an alternative to an overcrowded gym, we have some great options for you.

Megaformer + Supraformer Classes:

The Megaformer is shaping bodies all over Hollywood. This high-intensity, low-impact workout gives you the same kind of results as high-impact activities like weightlifting and running; it will sculpt and tone, but not destroy you. The classes focus on time, not reps, with each move typically lasting 60 seconds and using over 600 muscles at once. And just when you thought the Megaformer was enough to whip your body into shape, Lagree Fitness brings you the Supraformer. This new machine kicks your butt in 25 minutes and although it looks like its sister machine, it actually tilts up and down and left and right with the click of a button.

Fitness Social Clubs:
Want to socialize and network with like-minded individuals who enjoy fitness? Bring on Electric Flight Crew‘s “No Shower Happy Hour,” which features various workouts in different locations across L.A. and NYC followed by drinks. Become a member of the crew and enjoy post-sweat libations, Sunday Fundays and some exclusive discounts and classes at the cities’ top studios.

Surf Yoga Beer hosts workouts in NYC (and San Diego)—like a run club and weekly boot-camp classes—and roughly seven retreats a year, in which the same social vibe is applied to planking and partying in spots like Nicaragua, Oahu, and the Amalfi Coast.

DNA Testing Your Workout + Nutrition:
We’ve tried the blood-type diet, but what if there was a company that specialized in genetic findings that relate directly to your health and fitness? Bring on FitnessGenes and DNAFit, these companies provide tests that will gather information on genes that affect your muscle mass, endurance, and fat burning ability. Some test options offer personalized diet and training plans based on the findings. DNAFit also tests for things like sensitivity to carbohydrates, salt and saturated fat; lactose and gluten intolerance risk; individual anti-oxidant and vitamin needs; and caffeine and alcohol metabolism. Learn what to eat and which workouts work best for you, so you can stop wasting time and money on all the “fads” and tailor your lifestyle to fit your biology.

The New Classpass:
Perfect for the person that wants to try it all and has an ever-changing schedule all around town, the Zenrez and Open Sweat apps offer discount classes at some of the top fitness studios. With no monthly commitment, no restrictions and a variety of options from yoga to crossfit, bootcamp to barre, you can mix-up your routine and try out classes all over the city. The apps are as easy-to-use as Uber, and Zenrez starts to personalize the more you use it, tailoring its offerings based on your preferences.

Meditation + Sound Therapy:
Meditation has been a big topic of conversation this past year, one expected to continue into 2017. And for good reason: science shows that combining meditation with exercise can decrease depression, and meditation alone can reduce stress, relieve emotional pain, and even build self-esteem. Whether practicing on your own, with one of the many apps on offer, or in-house at a meditation studio, connect to your best self.

Sound therapy can also be used to rebalance the nervous system, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and balance the brain to create a state of calm. The music from a sound bath prepares the mind for meditation—the perfect pair for mindfulness.

Check out Inscape, they deliver meditation and relaxation experiences – in their NYC studio or the iOS app – by using guided meditation and sound. In L.A.? Ceremony Meditation offers sound bath workshops, detox balancers and reiki healing at their gorgeous Venice location. The Agency’s team is very grateful to be practicing mindful meditation with our staff and the team at Ceremony Meditation.

Live-Stream Workouts:
We stream everything these days, from our favorite TV shows to music. Now, you can stream all the best fitness classes from anywhere in the world. Peloton cycling is bringing that in-class energy and power to your solo, at-home sessions, after you buy the brand’s bike. Other studios are not streaming live classes just yet, but many have been making general streaming available. FitFusion, basically the Netflix for workouts, gives you access to Pilates, yoga, cardio and even classes from Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks. The super-popular AKT In Motion method is available on-demand for a monthly subscription, with Anna Kaiser training you at home with her full-body dance cardio workouts.