Visiting 23 open houses in three hours is quite a feat, and in Episode 7 of Real Estate Life, The Agency’s Ben Belack sets out to see if it can actually be done. We sat down with Ben to find out what inspired him to challenge President Billy Rose’s Broker Caravan record, and, of course, we couldn’t help but ask Billy if the legend was fact or fiction.

Ben, what inspired you to challenge Billy’s caravan record?

 They say success leaves clues. I was determined to uncover the secret of our founder’s success. And because our culture is so open and collaborative, it’s much easier [than at other firms] to take on each other’s successful practices.

 So, was it more about learning than beating a record?

 For me it wasn’t just about beating his record, it was more a journey of self-discovery. To operate at that level, you must be able to perform at that level. And the truth is, not everyone can. The question was, am I—or anyone for that matter—actually physically capable of completing such a feat?

 Here’s what Billy said when we asked for his side of the story.

 So, Billy, did you intend to see 23 houses in a day, or did it happen by accident?

 I would regularly have 25-30 on my list. I would always see at least 15 easily.

How long ago did you set that record?

Gosh. That must have been 10 years ago. Maybe you can say there was less traffic then?

Did you really set the record in a MINI Cooper? Did that help, being able to park easily and zip around town?

Oh, definitely. I called it the “Caravan Killer.” I was hell on wheels.

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