Calabasas is among the cities leading the charge in environmental stewardship in California, recently registering with the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) as a Community Wildlife Habitat. The program empowers citizen leaders to take action, providing them with the framework to restore wildlife habitat and educate community members while working to attain the NWF's esteemed certification as a wildlife-friendly community.

Through its Garden for Wildlife Program, the NWF engages homeowners, businesses, schools, parks and community organizations in creating and certifying wildlife-friendly properties. Each individual site within the community, whether a backyard or community garden, must provide the four basic elements to sustain wildlife: food, water, cover and places to raise young. NWF communities do outreach to educate residents about sustainable gardening practices, such as reducing or eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, conserving water, planting native plants and trees, composting and more. The goal of the NWF program is to make local citizens knowledgeable advocates for wildlife and sustainability. 

Calabasas is the first Los Angeles County city to be registered as a Community Wildlife Habitat and joins only a handful of others registered to be certified or already certified in the state of California, including Encinitas, Alpine, Chula Vista, Scripps Ranch Estates and Sonoma County. According to the NWF, there are more than 90 certified wildlife habitats nationwide and more than 70 community wildlife habitats registered to become certified. 

So how can residents get involved, whether in Calabasas or elsewhere? By certifying their own backyard. The NWF says reclaiming wildlife habitat yard by yard is a vital step anyone can take just outside their door. Read more about designing and certifying your own wildlife garden here.

One Calabasas community providing ample space for homeowners to take such initiatives if they choose is Country Ridge Estates. Situated minutes from the center of town, Country Ridge features a collection of four estate homes and five homesite lots, ranging from five to a remarkable 40 acres in size. Each offers acre upon acre of untouched countryside at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, home to one of the country's most unique and diverse ecosystems.

The community was envisioned to preserve vast open spaces while providing incomparable space and privacy. The Paso Fino Estate, a newly completed residence situated on 12 pristine acres, is sited for the equestrian lifestyle with space for horse stables and equestrian trails. The 40-acre, ranchette-sized Cabrillo Estate features a two-and-a-half to three-acre building pad for an expansive custom residence surrounded by sprawling outdoor space - the ideal setting for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly garden. 

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