Small lot subdivisions are gaining in popularity in Los Angeles as an alternative housing solution to traditional single-family ownership and condominium living. Developers are embracing the approach to urban living while providing much-needed inventory in some of the city's most sought-after neighborhoods. New small lot subdivisions have hit the market in Silver Lake, Echo Park and Toluca Lake, with a number more slated for commuter-friendly locations in Sherman Oaks, Mar Vista and Valley Village in the coming months. 

In an expanding metropolis, where new construction is in high demand, the small lot subdivision ordinance was designed to provide a smart-growth alternative to the single-family home as well as a more space-efficient, economically attractive alternative for sites zoned for apartment or condominium use. The ordinance, which reduced minimum lot sizes from 5,000 to 600 square feet, was created to make it easier for developers to construct creative, fee-simple homes in urban neighborhoods. 

Small lot subdivisions typically consist of detached, townhome-style residences that are structurally independent, with no shared walls and dedicated entrances. Unlike condominium ownership, residents own the home as well as the land it's situated on. There are no hefty homeowner's association dues, only minimal fees for common area maintenance. The footprint of each home is smaller than that of a typical single-family residence, translating to a savings in land costs. 

Construction guidelines issued by the small lot advisory agency encourage neighborhood compatible designs, an overall enhanced sense of place and both high-quality outdoor and indoor living environments for all residents. Dedicated entrances are meant to provide each residence with privacy, while shared walkways utilize less land and bring neighbors together to create a sense of community. 

One new residential offering, NuParc Residences, is introducing a number of small lot subdivisions throughout Los Angeles, each offering forward-thinking, contemporary design envisioned to enhance the overall aesthetic of its neighborhood. The NuParc Valley Village location, set for completion this summer, features seven distinct, multi-level residences, each with masterful modern design, private terraces, and energy-efficient technology. 

The Sherman Oaks and Mar Vista locations feature eight and four residences respectively, each with versatile, open floor plans, three and four-bedroom designs, and private rooftop terraces. Residences in each NuParc enclave feature two-car garages and commuter-friendly walkable locations. Through the small lot subdivision ordinance, NuParc Residences offers the chance to own in coveted, centrally-located neighborhoods while enjoying more financial freedom to get out and enjoy those neighborhoods, investing in lifestyle-focused activities such as dining, shopping, arts, and entertainment. While NuParc has announced its initial three enclaves, more are planned in additional neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. 

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