The Agency is excited to be partnering with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for Make March Matter—an initiative in which local communities and businesses help raise awareness of children’s health care needs. In its effort to raise funds for the cause, The Agency hosted  DipJars—which collect credit card donations—at two broker’s open events earlier this month: Bel Air’s Bellagio Estate, represented by multiple agents and 9505 Lania Lane, represented by Stacy Gottula and Mauricio Umansky. DipJars will also be featured at upcoming broker’s opens for 15967 Valley Vista Boulevard, represented by Craig Knizek, and 1317 Delresto Drive, represented by Billy Rose, Paul Lester and Santiago Arana.

CHLA holds significant meaning for many of our agents, including three in particular—James Harris, Mauricio and Craig—who’ve committed to pledging and devoting their time to providing philanthropic efforts to CHLA and other charitable organizations. Each agent has their own personal ties to the organization, which in turn makes the giving that much more compelling.

“The professionalism and compassion that CHLA gave to my family and I during our time of need was immeasurable. Any family within their hands is in great care,” says Craig, whose late son was a patient of CHLA many years ago.

For the duration of the month, local businesses will be partnering with CHLA and participating in events that benefit  the hospital. Donations range from a portion of sales and proceeds to set amounts being given to the organization.

To get involved with the Make March Matter campaign, visit its website.