Throughout the years, innovative design continues to push boundaries in interior decor, making way for unique trends in color, texture, shape and function within living spaces. With each passing season, designers look to popular themes and elements that shape the landscape of interior design for years to come, and there’s plenty to choose from right now. Here are some of the best interior design trends to follow this summer to reinvent your living space.

Marble → Marble may have taken a backseat for several years to other materials like granite and laminate, but it’s making a strong comeback now. From moulded countertops to tiled flooring and walls, marble is becoming a dominant material in the design industry. Its elegant design makes a good pairing with metals and wood and complements almost any space.

Pantone’s Greenery → Named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery is one of the brightest hues you’ll see this summer, and it brings a refreshing vibe to any room. Although the bright and bold color may be intimidating for those who are used to designing their homes around more muted, neutral tones, Greenery gives many people a chance to step out of their comfort zones and get creative with mixing colors and textures to create a new space.

Texture → From soft, velvet sofas with tufted pleats to three-dimensional tile, texture is becoming a quintessential element in interior design. Texture welcomes people to explore the space around them, while the look, shape and feel of a piece of furniture or fixture helps to connect them to the space. Patterned accent pillows, faux fur rugs and throws, and textured wallpaper are great ways to add texture to a room.

Bronze → Move over gold, bronze is making a comeback! While the former has been all the rage in recent years, designers are suggesting a break from the lustrous beauty of gold and toning things down slightly with bronze. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with metals but prefer keeping things  neutral, bronze is a subtle finish that can do wonders for warming up a space.

Navy Blue → In the past, if you wanted to go bold, then black was the way to go, but designers are now veering toward the rich bold hue of navy blue to add a dramatic pop to a room. The color works as a great accent hue and pairs well with a variety of color schemes. One of the best advantages of navy blue is that it has the ability to open up a space when used in the right doses.