At The Agency, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation in real estate, but equally important is our commitment to supporting causes that benefit the greater community and world at large. Among them is Venice-based Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit with a message, that while simple, has the potential to change the world: together, we can regenerate land and reverse climate change, and the answer lies in the soil beneath our feet.

Founded by Ryland Engelhart, Co-Owner of the popular, plant-based eateries, GratitudeCafe Gratitude, and Gracias Madre, Kiss the Ground creates media, educational curriculum, and creative campaigns to raise awareness of regenerative living and the restoration of soil worldwide, empowering people to take action. “Climate change is all about too much carbon in our atmosphere,” Engelhard says in Kiss the Ground's first short film, The Soil Story, “but carbon is not the enemy. It’s the building block of life. Everything is made up of it.”

Engelhart urges viewers to recognize the problem and solution are a matter of balance, and that unlike more carbon in the air, more carbon in the ground is actually good for us, leading to healthier soil and healthier food. By composting, planting trees, using cover crops to regenerate soil, and employing other regenerative farming techniques, we can transfer carbon from the atmosphere to the ground, effectively helping combat global warming and ensuring the health of our planet for future generations.

It’s a cause particularly dear to The Agency’s President and Co-Founder, Billy Rose, who serves on the nonprofit's Board of Directors. “Healthy soil has the amazing ability to sequester carbon, leading to clean water, nutritious food, drought resistance, and restored habitats. For anyone who cares about the future of our planet and appreciates clean, healthy food, Kiss the Ground’s message resonates.”

On Tuesday, August 1, The Agency will co-sponsor the Kiss the Ground Benefit and Gratitude Beverly Hills Opening Celebration, an opportunity for members of the community and fellow advocates to join together in support of the nonprofit’s mission and celebrate the opening of the new Beverly Hills eatery. The evening will feature organic, vegan food prepared by Gratitude’s head chef Dreux Ellis, signature cocktails, a screening of Kiss the Ground’s short film, “The Compost Story” (starring actors Adrian Grenier, Amy Smart, and Rosario Dawson), silent auction, live music, presentations, and more. For additional information or to purchase tickets, visit the event’s website.