It’s one thing to present the finest spread at your holiday celebration—honey-glazed ham, rack of lamb, prime rib roast anyone?—but a true host knows how to pair those festive mains with the perfect blend. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, Bristol Farms shares its vino selects and pairings that are sure to impress your dinner guests this holiday season. 

La Rasina Brunello Montalcino — Christmas dinner with the new inlaws? This Tuscan beauty is the perfect icebreaker; a full bodied red with firm tannins, it’s perfect for lamb or rich duck dinners. Better still, its aromatic notes of blackberry, dark chocolate and cedar will help get the conversation started—and keep the subject off the dreaded ‘so when can we expect grandkids?’ question.

Heritieres Lafon Macon Village — 100% Chardonnay, this French white is crisp and bright, with a melange of citrus, melon and mineral aromas and flavors. The perfect complement to any ham dish. Aunt Betty will love it—maybe a little too much.

Lullaby Ventoux Rosé — The name says it all. Fresh, soft, and fruity, this French Rosé can be enjoyed with roasted poultry, grilled or broiled seafood, and vegetables. If you give your stepmother enough, she’s sure to make an early exit. So everyone wins.

Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Clos — Featuring aromas and flavors of black currants, rose petals, chocolate, and sandalwood, this cab boasts a seamless texture and long, smooth finish, making it perfect for beef, ham, or pork dinners. If your outspoken uncle is prone to long-winded political rants, this red will get you through.

Château Siran Margaux — Beautifully dark with juicy blackberry and blueberry, this full-bodied red pairs harmoniously with an elegant steak dinner. If you’ve got a wine snob or two in the family, this one is sure to win them over.

Clef Recit Sancerre — Fresh, peachy, and not too fruit driven, this French white is an excellent choice for a light seafood pasta or shellfish dinners. Plus, if guests get sloppy after a few bottles, you won’t have a red wine disaster on your hands.

Rihaku Wandering Poet Ginjo — Serving sushi in lieu of the traditional roast? How modern of you! This clean and bright sake is the perfect match for any sushi feast.

For an exceptional selection of wines from around the globe, and to pre-order Bristol Farms main and premium side dishes for your holiday dinner, visit Bristol Farms website. Be sure to pick up the Bristol Farms 2018 Holiday Guide at your local Bristol Farms.