Perfect weather, delicious cuisine, friendly neighbors, vast undeveloped land and pristine beaches—all surrounded by picturesque ocean, desert and mountain views. Life in Todos Santos moves at a slower pace, blissfully in sync with the swaying palm of this desert oasis located north of Cabo San Lucas. And if all the above wasn’t reason enough to entice one to the Pacific Coast of the California Baja Peninsula, Alejandro Mitre of The Agency Todos Santos outlines his Top Five reasons to call the seaside town home.

THE CHARM OF PUEBLO MAGICO - There are only 111 Pueblo Magicos throughout Mexico, and each one is characterized by its tranquility, security, architecture and internationally versed community bringing a unique style and quality of life. Symbolism, culture, legends, traditions, history, transcendent facts, everyday life; in short, magic that emanates in its socio-cultural manifestations, making each location enormously attractive as a tourist destination.

THE LIFESTYLE -  Despite being a small town, Todos Santos has it all—renowned yoga studios, scenic bike paths, world-class surf, art galleries, microbreweries, craft cocktail lounges, farm-to-table restaurants, trendy cafes and organic markets. Todos Santos has become a refuge for adventurers from all over the world who seek quality amenities and a simpler lifestyle. Finding both in one place can be tricky, making Todos Santos even more attractive. There are diverse activities offered every day of the week, as well as iconic festivals that, year after year, have added a distinct personality to the town. Festivals of art, food, wine, music, sports and cultural events, such as Day of the Dead, fill out the calendar.

VIBRANT NATURE - Due to the surrounding Sierra de La Laguna mountain range, Todos Santos offers fantastic year-round weather, with a variety of micro-climates nurturing an abundance of flora and fauna, from the rich desert landscape to the tropical, blue-water beaches. And with more than 300 sunny days a year to enjoy, numerous outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, camping, fishing, hiking and whale watching, make for an effortless connection with nature.

CONNECTIVITY -  Todos Santos lets you get away from it all, without completely getting away from it all. Work from home? Not a problem. Todos Santos has everything today’s digital nomads need to stay connected to the office, friends and family. Todos Santos is also within a less than one-hour drive from two international airports—Los Cabos and La Paz.

AFFORDABILITY - Todos Santos has more than enough room for newcomers, and real estate is still affordable. Using statistics from the Todos Santos MLS database, average land prices are currently $45.71 USD per m2 with construction costs for homes of $205 USD per m2. As a bonus to the owner, vacation rentals have become very popular and are an excellent source of additional income. It’s no wonder the eyes of the world are watching Todos Santos.

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All Photos Courtesy of Alejandro Mitre.