With nearly perennial summer weather—we’re talking average temps above 70 degrees 10 months out of the year—Arizona provides the perfect setting for outdoor entertaining. So, from pools to fire pits, we’ve spotlighted five ways to bring your outdoor spaces to the next level.   

Add a Pool - A cool body of water will appeal to anyone under Arizona’s hot summer (and spring and fall) sun—and who says the pool can’t be a stylish focal point too? Take a cue from 10814 East Heritage Court, which boasts a truly picturesque pool—complete with built-in lounges—that is beautiful and highly functional all at once. 

Add Outdoor Misters
- Don’t underestimate how much of a game-changer a bit of mist can be—the subtle cooling effect can make even the highest heats a little more bearable. Position them around open-air eating areas or outdoor bars, to truly win over your guests.

Invest in Artificial Turf - Not only is faux grass more drought and desert climate-friendly, it always looks great. Come high heat, pesky weeds or mischievous dogs, artificial turf never loses its lustre. The “grass” is pristine, plus, the yard that needs less hydration will practically pay for itself in water bill savings. 

Add a Water Feature - Elevate the vibe in any outdoor space with the addition of a chic water feature. The classically-inspired fountain at the entrance of 2205 East Colter Street is in perfect harmony with the home’s French manor-inspired aesthetic—the imported design adds a touch of grandeur (and creates a fabulous first impression) without taking up too much space. 

Add a Firepit
- Fire has drawn humans together for hundreds of thousands of years, and research shows that looking into a small open flame actually lowers one’s blood pressure by several points—two great reasons to add a backyard fire pit to your property. Go with a prefab above-ground version or get handy and dig in to make an in-ground pit—just be sure to flank it with cushy loungers and chairs, it’ll be the perfect set-up for quiet evenings of fireside star-gazing or marshmallow roasting.