Pasadena’s year-round sunshine and magnificent mild weather make it ideal for outdoor entertaining. From high-quality all-weather furniture to DIY fire pits, we spotlight five ways to maximize every square inch of exterior space in The City of Roses. 

Invest in Outdoor Furniture - The addition of high-quality outdoor furniture can help create a whole new space for lounging and entertaining—plus, it can provide a new vantage point from which to enjoy the rest of the property. Take inspiration from 1335 Carnarvon, which has equipped its quiet backyard terrace with a cushioned sofa, coffee table and dining room table. 

Bring in Blooms - In sunny Pasadena, flowering plants of all kinds flourish year-round—all the more reason to put them center stage in a garden or lawn. In addition to attracting wildlife like birds, bees and butterflies, blooming plants add color and depth to backyards of all sizes. The thoughtfully selected potted plants on 134 N. San Rafael Avenue’s stone patio add whimsy and a sense of softness to the space. Consider climate-friendly Matilija poppies, bright red desert mallow or hummingbird sage. 

Make Fire - Everyone enjoys a good fireside chat, so bring the heart-to-hearts to your backyard with an above-ground fire pit. The design, like the one at 3326 North Raymond, is relatively easy to DIY, requires minimal maintenance and makes it easy for multiple guests to pull up a chair (and maybe roast a marshmallow). 

Decorate the Deck - Never underestimate the utility and appeal of an outdoor deck space. When purposefully appointed, it can serve as an extension of the home and an additional space for easy entertaining. The living room-like configuration of 1623 Ben Lomond Drive’s covered patio area also boasts a built-in barbecue and fire pit—making it a foolproof space to host guests.  

Add a Pool - Whether it’s meant for graceful swan dives or all-out play (complete with inflatables), a pool is a beautiful way to add an all-ages-welcome entertainment space to your yard. The simple (but highly functional) pool at 18656 Ludlow Street  is consistent with the ranch style home’s 1950s aesthetic—but can still provide all the raucous entertainment one could want.