Born and raised in Los Cabos, The Agency’s Eduardo Espinosa has a special connection with the ocean and the beauty of the California Baja. An avid surfer and outdoorsman, he doesn’t just sell the Cabo lifestyle, he lives it day in and day out. Below is his personal story of his quest for true “waterman” status. 

By Eduardo Espinosa

Growing up in Los Cabos, my desire to live the life of a waterman began at a very young age. Despite my lifelong love of the ocean and the lifestyle that goes with it, my quest to become a true waterman continues to this day. 

Being a waterman, or waterwoman, is not just about enjoying the beach and embarking on ocean adventures. Defining the term in my own words, “A waterman is a person who nurtures a special connection with the ocean, understanding its complexities in deeply meaningful ways.” Beyond just loving the ocean, a true waterman makes an effort to experience everything the sea may have to offer; from stand-up paddleboarding to surfing giant waves, from casual swimming to freediving underwater caves. To practice these activities with skill, style and respect for the ocean is living the waterman lifestyle. 

Los Cabos is the perfect place to live a life dedicated to the ocean. Aside from great weather, natural beauty and the convergence of two bodies of water—the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez—what makes the region so attractive to watermen and women are the following: 

1. The surf season lasts all year, from the East Cape to the Pacific shores of Todos Santos. 
2. The Sea of Cortez, named ”The Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau, is a paradise for spear-fishermen, scuba divers and snorkelers due to the vast variety of species.
3. The water temperature is ideal nearly all year long, making any time the perfect time to explore the crystal clear waters. 

While you may not become the ultimate waterman or waterwoman, the Los Cabos lifestyle offers the chance to meaningfully connect with nature and live a life centered around the beauty of the ocean. Come see for yourself. Dive right in, the water is fine.