Keeping our lives and homes organized is truly a never-ending challenge—but there are ways to make the task slightly less daunting. In addition to providing a sense of calm, an uncluttered space lets your home’s unique design and decor features shine and architectural elements breathe. Here, we spotlight four tips to maintain a tidy home (and a peaceful mind).  

BRING ORDER TO THE BATHROOM - To truly conquer a cluttered bathroom, empty out the cabinets and drawers and lay everything out, so duplicate items and unused products are obvious. Toss expired cosmetics, medications and first aid items. Once the bulk of the “bathroom edit” has taken place, use the freshly freed up space to store extra towels and occasional-use products. Add drawer dividers or shallow bins to keep your toiletries and makeup organized. Voilà—a better bathroom, by you. 

COLOR COORDINATE YOUR CLOSET - If certain beloved clothing items seem to continually disappear in your closet, color coding might be the answer. Creating a color-focused system can help eliminate the time-wasting hunt for that one top or pair of jeans. It also makes coordinating outfits a breeze and creates an eye-pleasing order. Additionally, a color-organized closet can reveal duplicate items and help you save money by revealing the items you are actually working with. 

BECOME A CURATOR - Post-purge, step into the future with an eye toward thoughtful collecting. View your home as a fine museum or showplace, and cultivate objects that are beautiful, necessary, and meaningful. Minimalism is not the goal, but selectiveness is—it’s all about giving more consideration to what you bring into your home. 

TACKLE ONE SPACE AT A TIME - Perhaps the most sage advice when it comes to a home overhaul is: Don’t let the process overwhelm your progress. Take organizing one shelf, one bookcase, one day at a time, a motto that makes a 30-day plan to total organization achievable instead of insurmountable. And take note, small victories—like donating old DVDs, hanging a key rack by the front door or installing hooks on the backs of bathroom or bedroom doors to increase storage—are worth celebrating.