Keeping our lives and homes organized is truly a never-ending challenge—but there are ways to make the task slightly less daunting. In addition to providing a sense of calm, an uncluttered space lets your home’s interesting design features shine and architectural elements breathe. Here, we spotlight four tips to create a tidier home (and a peaceful mind). 

MAKE YOUR BED - The decluttering dynamos at home and decor site The Spruce recommend starting with what is often the most prominent item in a bedroom—the bed. By simply straightening the covers and pillows, the space will start to take on a fresher, cleaned-up vibe, which just may inspire you to take on nightstands, dressers and the closet. 

5 MINUTES A DAY - “When your home is filled with clutter, trying to tackle a mountain of stuff can be quite overwhelming,” says author and Zen Habits founder Leo Babauta, who suggests starting the process little by little, devoting just five minutes a day to one room, or one area. Over time, every bit adds up to make a big difference.  

GIVE AWAY ONE ITEM PER DAY - If getting organized feels overwhelming, start small. Choose one item each day to donate. It can be anything from any part of your home—an old framed picture in the garage, an unused throw blanket in the linen closet, a sweater that’s gone unworn for months, anything! This process will get you in the “letting go” mindset and soon, you might be inspired to start cleaning out more than one thing per day. Either way, over time, you can change your space. 

FOUR BOX METHOD - For every room, prepare four sizable boxes. The Keep/Put Away Box: This box should be the smallest. Items here are used on a daily or weekly basis and just need to be put away in their proper spot. The Donate/Sell Box: This box will be filled with valuable items that you no longer use. It’s tempting to want to donate everything you don’t need, regardless of its condition. The Toss Box: Pretty self-explanatory. But do consider whether or not the item can or should be donated before adding it to this box—objects that end up here should be in very poor condition and will be tossed or recycled. The Storage Box: Ideally, this box should include any items you will not part with but don’t need on a regular basis—it could include seasonal decor.