This recording studio is every artist’s dream. Set amidst 24 acres of pine and redwood groves in Northern California’s Humboldt county is Sonic Temple—a dreamy, lodge-like escape perfect for musicians seeking a quiet, naturally beautiful place to create their best art. 

“Sonic Temple is a modern, magical oasis that doubles as a world-class recording studio,” says The Agency’s Karine Aslanian, who represents the property. “The setting is incredibly peaceful and allows artists to unplug and get in touch with their creative side. And it’s just a short plane ride from San Francisco and L.A.” 

During the 1960s and 70s, it was de rigueur for artists to escape to a destination recording studio like Sonic Temple to make their next record. Places like Caribou Ranch, Bearsville, Indigo Ranch and Compass Point were remote getaways that allowed musicians to perfect their craft away from the pressure of music industry agents and talent managers. 

Located up a long, private tree-lined driveway minutes from the small town of Ferndale, the 5,362-square-foot log cabin is equipped with the latest in recording technology, including four Studer 2” tape machines and Pro Tools. The Sonic Temple also allows guests to record analog, digital, or both at the same time.

Rebuilt in 2002, the cabin is outfitted with nearly every piece of outboard gear and microphones available as well as a closet full of effects pedals, a room full of pianos and keyboards and a variety of drum kits. Plus, every room and much of the Temple’s 5,000-square-feet of outdoor and deck space is wired for amps—even making a dreamy recording in the forest a possibility. Entourages are welcome, too—a gourmet kitchen can cook up large meals and the central dining hall seats up to 20.

In an era when many storied recording studios have shut their doors, Sonic Temple carries on this unique tradition, upholding the ideals of artistic and technical excellence. It’s a facility that truly has few rivals in the world.

For more information on the Sonic Temple, please contact Karine Aslanian at [email protected] or call 818.355.4906.