You can’t experience a Park City summer without savoring Utah’s most delectable, colorful and juicy farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Whether browsing the local vendors at the farmers’ market, stopping at a roadside fruit stand or taste testing raspberries smoothies, here are our top picks of places to shop and dine fresh in and around Park City.  

PARK SILLY SUNDAY MARKET - A summer visit to Park City isn’t complete without a fun-filled day at The Park Silly Sunday, held every Sunday from 10am to 5pm on Historic Main Street. The eco-friendly, open-air market and street festival celebrates the community, featuring 150 vendors, farmers, children’s activities and live entertainment. Delicious locally grown produce, gourmet food, local cheeses and breads pair nicely with fresh-squeezed lemonade or a Bloody Mary in the beer garden. Be sure to bring along cash, canvas bags and a leash for canine guests. 

PARK CITY FARMERS MARKET - No need to wait for the weekend to fill up on farm-fresh goodies. A local tradition for more than two decades, the Park City Farmers Market is held every Wednesday from 12-5pm at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. Local vendor booths offer a dazzling array of organic, non-genetically modified food, a rotating display of whatever’s in season, from juicy berries and delicious peppers to sweet tomatoes and hand-picked herbs. The market also features food trucks, the local ice creamery, fresh-from-the-oven breads and pizza, kettle corn, free-range meats and a beer garden.

TAGGE’S FAMOUS FRUIT & VEGGIE FARMS - Tagge’s Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms are a Utah favorite, with roadside fruit stands featured all over the state. They have a stand at the Park City Farmers Market and a location at Lutheran Church on Highway 224 Thursday through Sunday. Grab fresh fruits, such as delicious watermelons, ripe berries and peaches, veggies for dinner, jams, salsas and more. 

BRIGHAM CITY’S FRUIT WAY- A summertime favorite is a stop to Utah’s Famous Fruit Way in Brigham City, which begins at the city’s farmers’ market and continues along Highway 89 with a dozen fruit stands lining the road. The market and stands feature the absolute freshest fruit and veggie selections, locally sourced and harvested. Grab a basket and head into the apple and peach orchards to pick your own right off the tree, or roam the farm fields for corn, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and peppers. 

BEAR LAKE RASPBERRY SHAKE SHOWDOWN - Arguably the best raspberry milkshakes in the world are served up fresh in Bear Lake. People come from far and wide to spend a summer day here, taste testing the different local raspberry shakes. Whether ordering a shake from La Beau’s, Hometown Jake’s, Merlins, Zipz, Quick-N-Tasty or Chevron—you’re sure to be dazzled by the multitude of options and fresh-picked berries.