So, you’ve got a new place—time to celebrate! Welcome friends and family into your fresh digs with a housewarming party. Here, we spotlight five tips for throwing a fun, stress-free fête that will help you and your guests feel at home in your new abode.

HELPFUL GUEST BOOK  - Give the guest book a more practical purpose—ask family and friends to sign one with their new-neighborhood recommendations for home-related services, like a good handyman, cleaning service, or favorite local pizza spot.

UNSCRAMBLE OUR HOUSE GAME - Games are a great way to keep a party going. For this one, invite guests to write down on a sheet of paper how many words they can spell with the letters used in the word h-o-u-s-e. (Believe it or not, there's 27 of them.) Have some prizes ready for the winner (or winners)—a candle, a bottle of wine or jar of popcorn works great. 

CRAFT A PLAYLIST - Spend a little pre-party time putting together a playlist. If your new digs have the space, consider moving furniture out of the way to create a makeshift dance floor—and be sure to add some dance-worthy jams to the list. (This is also an ideal use of space if all of your furniture hasn’t arrived yet.) 

BEFORE AND AFTER HOME PHOTOS - If you’re welcoming guests into your home after some big renovations to your home, post a "before" picture outside each room. You could also post pictures taken of the rooms while under construction. Guests will enjoy getting a peek into the process, and the pics will serve as a great conversation starters. 

WIND DOWN WITH COFFEE AND TEA - Offering a closing drink of decaf coffee or peppermint tea is a polite way to let them know when the party is wrapping up. Lower the music, raise the lights a tad, hand out party favors (if you have them), and thank each guest as they depart.