So, you’ve got a new place—time to celebrate! Welcome friends and family into your fresh digs with a housewarming party. Here, we spotlight six tips for throwing a fun, stress-free fête that will make you and your guests feel at home in your new abode.

Totally on-theme for a new home, these DIY-friendly paint chip invitations are an easy way to spread the word about your place. Choose a range of colors and do a little crafting to include the party’s date, time and address. Guests will appreciate this unique take on a party invite. 

Beer and wine do the trick, but craft cocktails and mocktails take the excitement up a notch. Before guests arrive, whip up some batch-friendly mixed drinks—like Bloody Marys, sangria, or mojito punch. For a frozen treat, slip fruit bars into glasses of champagne, where they’ll melt into a delightful drink or be consumed post haste. Don’t forget to include some non-alcoholic options too—sangria sans the wine is actually quite refreshing. 

Configuring a good cheese plate is all about balancing textures and densities. Be sure to have a few spreadable cheeses—like brie, camembert, melted fondue-style cheese, or cream cheese topped with fruit compote. Balance these with some cubed harder cheese like cheddar, pepperjack, swiss or chunky blue cheese crumbles. Also, keep the wine nearby. 

Make up a trivia game about your house or town and quiz your guests. Some questions could also touch on past living history (“What was Sarah’s least favorite L.A. apartment?” “Who was John’s first roommate after college?”). Play it as a group and gift the winner with a take-home treat, bottle of wine or handcrafted medal of honor. 

When it comes to theme party inspiration, Palm Springs offers an array of options. Choose Hollywood icons, Liberace or vintage 1960s cabana attire. Tie in a signature cocktail and voilà—it’s an unforgettable house party that’s sure to be the first of many. 

Get guests to lead themselves on a tour of your home with a fun scavenger hunt. Hide items in various rooms and create a map for folks to follow. Before you know it, guests will have seen the place—and you didn’t have to play tour guide!