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8 Tips for Throwing The Perfect Housewarming Party in British Columbia

by | Oct 30, 2019

So, you’ve got a new place—time to celebrate! Welcome friends and family into your fresh digs with a housewarming party. Here, we spotlight eight tips for throwing a fun, stress-free fête that will help you and your guests feel at home in your new abode.

CHOOSE A THEME – There are many ways to make your party stand out. Invite friends over for a Paint-a-Room Party, it’s a fun way to give your new walls some color—just make sure to offer your hard-working guests great food and drinks for their efforts. If your move-in date is in the spring or summer, go with a Garden Party theme, and ask attendees to help plant a few new bulbs and send them home with succulents or seed packets. 

INVITES AND DECORATIONS – Lean into the “home improvement” theme and get creative with some paint card samples—they work as cute hanging signs or utensil holders and are quite affordable (as in free) from your local hardware or home improvement store). 

PAINT BRUSH-THEMED TREATS – Turn heads and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with these paintbrush-themed rice krispy treats and marshmallows—just post a krispy square or marshmallow on a wooden skewer and dip it in colored melted chocolate. Display them in a glass jar to complete the look. 

EASY CHEESE BOARD – A cheese and charcuterie board has something for everyone and requires minimal prep. To create your own, grab the following basics: Cured meats (salami, prosciutto), four cheeses (dense cheddars and manchego are ideal for cubing while bries and goat cheese work for spreading), olives, nuts, dried fruit, crackers and/or baguette bread, jelly or jam. Group each element on its own and watch your guests dig in.

EASY SNACKS TO SERVE – In addition to a cheese board, consider heartier savory options that can be made in bulk and stay fresh for a while—appealing to guests at all stages of the party. Make a tray of ham and swiss cheese sliders (and be liberal with the dijon and onion top coat) or set out a DIY taco or nacho bar with all the fixings.  

FUN COCKTAILS AND MOCKTAILS – Big batch cocktails can be tricky. But fear not, these recipes for sparkling peach sangria and Victorian gin punch are refreshing failsafes. Set them out in self-serve pitchers or large jugs with a dispenser. For something slightly sweet, pass around frozen fruit pops in a generous flute of Champagne or Prosecco. 

HOME-THEMED GAMES – Leave a couple shades of lipstick on the bathroom counter and have your friends leave you a fun message or note, ask guests to guess your home’s square footage (closest guess gets a prize), or tap into your friends’ creative brains with a Design a Room challenge, where each guest is asked to come up with a general look or theme for different spaces in your new home.  

PARTY FAVORS – Depending on the size of the party (and your budget), consider sending guests home with a little something to make their space a little cozier—like a candle or lavender sachets. Snacks are always a win—think small jars of popcorn with a “Thanks for popping by” tag, or tiny to-go bags of homemade cookies.



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