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6 Ways To Fit A Dining Nook Into Your Kitchen

by | Dec 6, 2016

Eat-in-kitchens may have gone the way of the dodo in newer places but there are still plenty left in older apartments. If you have a nook area that fits an eating space or even an open concept space, take advantage of it. Adding a dining space to your kitchen means not having to take up valuable floor space in your living area.

Stumped on how to have your kitchen nook look trendy rather than grandma-ish? Here are 5 ideas to help you take your EIK to the next level:

1. Double UpTiny Kitchen Bar Stool Island

Lots of kitchens are up against one wall and face the living area. Place a counter with stools to combine dining and cooking, while keeping floor space free. The perk of having a dining area double as a counter is that you’ve just increased your food prep space!

2. Narrow Table
Small White Kitchen with Dining Set

Luck out with a galley kitchen that isn’t 3€² wide? A narrow eating space for two is just what this space calls for! Even when a guest or two comes around, it’s easy to pull in a couple more chairs.

3. Fold It UpTiny Kitchen Dining Set

Another solution for this type of kitchen is a table that folds right on up. Pull your dining space out for meals, and when you need the space, fold the table up and tuck it in the corner.

4. Use Up The SpaceKitchen Table and Chairs

Some kitchens come with a pocket of empty space. For these spaces, it’s easy to tuck a standard size dining table and chairs. To break up the monotony of the kitchen (because we’ve seen plenty of city kitchens), bring in some colorful chairs to add a little brightness to the space.

5. Rounder The BetterCorner Kitchen Nook

Go round with your table to fit even more seating. It’s a dining trend we’ve been noticing. Roundtables are a great way to minimize floor space and maximize much-needed seating space.

6. Use EverythingBright Colorful Kitchen Nook

Really big kitchen nooks allow you to unleash your creativity. Trying using the walls to add a bench with comfortable pillows and cushions, or add chairs to the other side of the table to complete your seating arrangement.

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