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A Month of Love: Our February Giving Recap

by | Mar 8, 2023

Our intrepid teams across Southern California gathered to support their local communities in February, showing big love through two Giveback Homes build days and a special remodel session at a new nature preserve. We’re proud to share that the back-to-back build days hosted by our Los Angeles and San Diego teams resulted in 254 volunteer hours and raised $13,000 for Giveback Homes. 

Read on for details on our offices’ efforts, and thanks to all who came and showed their love!


The Agency San Diego 

Last month, The Agency San Diego hosted their first-ever Giveback Homes build day, just a few months after its office’s debut. The team completed the installation of a new backyard fence for the home of a four-time deployed war veteran who was wounded during active duty. The project was part of Habitat San Diego’s new Veteran Build Program, which partners with military affiliates and families to ensure they and their loved ones have a safe and stable home to return to after duty. 

“It was such an honor to serve one of our military veterans and help renovate a part of his home to show our gratitude for the selflessness of his service to our country,” said Makenzie Green, The Agency’s VP of Vibes. “This was definitely a very special day for the whole San Diego team.”

More great things are on the horizon for The Agency San Diego, which has plans to partner with Habitat San Diego for the launch of their new build site in Escondido this spring, which will include 10 condo units for local families.


The Agency Greater Los Angeles 

Team members from our San Fernando Valley and Pasadena offices completed The Agency’s 28th Giveback Homes Build Day, masterfully framing, blocking, caulking, painting and fencing a new Habitat for Humanity development. Located in a sub-neighborhood of South Los Angeles, this new area will encompass eight three-bedroom, two-bath homes for local families and individuals. One home is fully handicap accessible while the remaining 7 are ADA adaptable. All homes in the development are expected to be completed by this summer. As construction of the remaining homes continues, The Agency’s Greater L.A. team is looking forward to returning to this local build site again in the spring. 


The Agency Palm Desert 

A few hours away, 11 members of The Agency Palm Desert helped remodel a visitor’s center bathroom at the new 120-acre Prescott Preserve. Our team members got to work patching, painting and installing a new vanity as well as lighting. 

The Prescott Preserve, when completed, will be lush with native plants and trees and provide a a spectacular setting for both humans and wildlife. It will include a butterfly garden, a native celebration garden to honor and remember loved ones, designated bird watching areas, floats for migratory birds, educational signage, walking paths and more.

Whether you’re a member of one of The Agency’s offices or just a fan, there are so many ways to give back! To participate in The Agency’s charitable efforts, visit TheAgencyGives.com, and learn more about The Agency’s Partnership with Giveback Homes at GivebackHomes.com. Have gently used furniture to donate to help families furnish their forever homes? Schedule a pick-up at Habitat.org.

Ready to make a difference right now? Browse The Agency’s online shop—100% of the proceeds from each purchase go to The Agency Gives. Find some fresh swag today and shop for a good cause.

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