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Agent and Author: Natasha Sizlo Debuts Her Memoir All Signs Point to Paris

by | Aug 29, 2022

The Agency’s own Natasha Sizlo has penned a propulsive and enchanting memoir, All Signs Point to Paris: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Destiny, a Sugar 23 book published by Mariner/HarperCollins on August 16. It’s the true story of her search for a second chance at love—a tale about grief and sisterhood, following your stars, taking charge of your destiny and being open to a little magic.

All Signs Point to Paris starts with Natasha: divorced, broke, freshly heartbroken and reeling from her father’s death. So when she’s gifted a session with L.A.’s most sought-after astrologist, even though Natasha doesn’t believe in astrology, she accepts. After all, nothing else in her life is working and it’s time to change things up. Maybe the stars can help point the way to better days? The reading is mind-blowingly accurate and as her misgivings give way, Natasha asks about her emotionally unavailable, yet terribly handsome ex-boyfriend, the one she can’t seem to get over. To Natasha’s surprise, the astrologist tells her he is The One. His birthdate and birthplace—November 2, 1968, in Paris, France—align with Natasha’s astrological point of destiny. Natasha’s heart sinks. Was her problematic ex really the big love she was destined for?

Then, she has a lightning bolt of an idea: he couldn’t possibly be the only available man born on November 2, 1968, in Paris. Her real soulmate is still out there—she just has to find him. Natasha heads off to Paris with her sister and two besties for the trip of a lifetime, ready to meet her perfect match, the person crucially born in the right place at the right time. Will the stars align?

The Agency chatted with Natasha about her writing process, real estate career and her unforgettable journey in Paris. You can order All Signs Point to Paris on the Harper Collins website or wherever books are sold.

All signs point to paris book

Tell us about your career path—it went from writing to real estate to now both. What made you start doing real estate?

I studied screenwriting in college and my first career was as a journalist. I freelanced for CosmopolitanVariety and Shape magazine among others and eventually worked my way up to Senior Editor at Detour magazine. After that, I worked in the fashion industry, and then I took time off when I had my daughter, Margot then my son, Dashiell. After some major life changes (you can read more about this in the book!) I got my real estate license and joined The Agency eight years ago. My parents worked in real estate, so it felt like coming home in many ways. I am honored to have been recognized among Real Trends top 1.5% agents in the US and to have recently received The Agency’s Innovation Award. I am grateful to work for a company that supports my creative pursuits as a writer. I love my Agency family!

That’s amazing. So, how did the idea for a book come about?

Well, I was going through a major life change and decided to go on a journey to Paris to find my soulmate. I posted about it on Instagram and people were really excited to get updates and follow my adventure. After I returned from my trip, I received an email from a literary agent to see if I would ever consider writing a book. It took me about six months to really consider writing it, but once I dove in, I couldn’t stop. As you’ll read in my book, an astrologer told me my point of destiny was to tell a story—so, there it is!

How long did it take you to write the book?

From concept to published book, it took about two-and-a-half years—nine months to turn in the first draft. The nine months to a first draft part was actually a quick timeline (many books take a year or longer to write!) and a huge challenge. Especially as I juggled my real estate career at the same time. Thankfully the Agency was built on a spirit of collaboration so, with the help of colleagues like Billy RoseEric Haskell and Keri White, I was able to successfully be there for my clients with no disruptions.

How does your real estate career play into the book?

Real estate plays into the story big time. My book is about a second chance at a big, magical love (who doesn’t want that?!) but also a second chance at a big, rewarding career, which is something I’d always wanted. Before I went on my Paris adventure, I had gone through a divorce, shut down my clothing brand and filed for bankruptcy as a result of that, and then I took what felt like a huge chance and launched my real estate business at The Agency. I didn’t know then that joining The Agency would be one of the very best decisions of my life, both from a career perspective but also from a personal one. The book actually follows the storyline (all details changed to preserve privacy!) of a deal I did with Billy Rose, one of the founders of the brokerage. I partnered with Billy early on with one of my first deals, and it was a rollercoaster! Early readers have told me they love the inside peek into what our jobs are really like. I hope the book shows what The Agency culture and family is about and what it has meant to me. My colleagues are absolutely incredible and they’ve cheered me on and lifted me up in my adventure. It’s not an exaggeration to say I couldn’t have made it to Paris without The Agency–both the people and the incredible ethos that I’ve learned while working here. At The Agency, there’s a willingness to take risks, follow your heart and trust your crazy ideas. I’m proof of that.

Astrology is a big part of your book. Was it a part of your life before this experience?

No, it wasn’t. My father was an MIT-trained engineer, and I was raised in a family that revered logic and facts. But, I was having a really bad year and completely hit rock bottom. That made me more open to anything that could even possibly help. So when my best friend gifted me an astrology reading, I said yes, even though that would have been unusual for me to do back then. The reading ended up blowing me away and completely changed my life. Now, I’m on board with astrology! Not every answer can be found in the world of facts and logic.

What was the most fun part of writing this book?

We all believed in magic when we were little kids. Somewhere, I lost that along the way. Maybe we all do when we grow up. Being part of The Agency and writing this book brought that wonder back in. The book is about being open to trying something new even if it feels really uncomfortable at first, having faith, and believing that anything is possible.

I’m sure some celebrations are in order. What do you have planned for the launch of the book?

I celebrated the launch of the book in New York City at Strand Book Store with actress and writer Jenny Mollen. We also had a big event in L.A. at Book Soup and in September I will be at Neuehouse “in conversation” with Anna Faris, who is closely connected to my life and part of my story. Of course, I couldn’t have done any of this without my Agency family so I was honored to raise a glass with them at a special rooftop celebration co-hosted by The Agency and Sugar23 at MelrosePlaceLA complete with tarot readings with Leah Shlaer, book signings courtesy of Book Soup and beautiful parting gifts from Flying Wish Papers and The Urban + The Mystic. Future events can be found at www.natashasizlo.com.

What’s next for you?

I’m raising two kids, and one just left for college. I’m also working on a couple of other books and my real estate career is busier than ever. Plus, I’m focusing on savoring this exciting time in my life and enjoying the ride.

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