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Agent Feature: Tyler Whitman

by | May 5, 2017

This week, we sat down with Triplemint agent Tyler Whitman. We discussed the qualities of a successful agent, and his plan to outshine Oprah.

Why did you become an agent?

I like to think that the career found me, haha.. I moved here from the South when I was 20. I didn’t have much life experience or a clear direction on what I wanted. I was working in Times Square during the day selling Broadway tickets to tourists, and at Planet Hollywood at night serving food to tourists.

I was willing to do anything to escape. I moved in with a guy from Craigslist who was a successful agent. He sold me on the idea. That was a decade ago. I was hooked by my first deal, and I was born to sell real estate. It has been an absolutely incredible ride, and the industry has been great to me.

What has been your best moment as a real estate agent?

Tough question! Specifically as an agent it’s nearly impossible to answer. I’ve fixed a lot of challenging situations, and helped people make a huge return on real estate investments over the year.

I’ve also helped people create really wonderful homes. It’s all great. BUT, I was lucky enough to be the original Head of Sales at Triplemint and build out our business model and initial team. When I see where we are now, it’s easily the proudest accomplishment of my professional life.


What does a typical day as an agent entail?

I wake up at around five or six every day, and immediately catch up on emails. Then, by 6:30am, I’m at the gym. Going to the gym helps clear my head, and mentally prepares me for a successful day. It’s my key to success, and I wouldn’t be able to handle my day-to-day activities otherwise.

After working out, I come home and catch up on real estate news and listings from my favorite publications. I also check all my listing alerts, and check up on my clients. I meet my team every morning at 9:15 to do some role playing and get warmed up for the day to make sure we are all serving our clients in the best way possible.

The rest of the day is spent researching properties, connecting with my sphere, helping other agents achieve their goals, and showing beautiful homes to amazing people. It’s a good life.

What is the best review you’ve ever received?

That’s a difficult question..Let me check my pitch deck! I’d have to go with the first seller that ever worked with us, way back when Triplemint was Suitey. She, like everyone else, was nervous to sell in NYC.

At the time, we were a brand new company, so she took a huge leap of faith deciding to work with us. In the end, we successfully sold her home. I quoted her a higher price than any of the other brokers she was considering, and sold above the ask. Since then, she has always been our cheerleader by writing reviews, recommending Triplemint, and sending referrals. She loved her Triplemint experience, and it meant a lot to me because she took a chance with us, and it gave us that necessary ammunition to go to the world and say, look at how great we do!

What’s the most difficult part of being an agent?

The hardest part is delivering bad news. I’ve had to get comfortable with doing it. Part of being an agent is being personal. Finding a home is a personal experience, and telling people they can’t get their dream home can be devastating.

Being the one to deliver the news is heartbreaking. NYC is a very competitive market, and there is always tough competition. It’s what keeps the industry exciting. But you won’t always win, and that can be tough.

What is your favorite neighborhood, and why?

The Upper West Side is my favorite neighborhood because I love the architecture close to the park and the river. The area is quiet, and has a lot of great restaurants. Whenever I think about my future, it’s always in the Upper West Side.


What does the future hold for Tyler Whitman?

Is this where I get to really dream? I will always be in real estate. I just love it. Next on my agenda is starting a family, buying a brownstone on the Upper West Side, and being a true New Yorker who never leaves (except to visit my home in the Hamptons, of course).

Health and fitness are now huge passions of mine. As someone who has lost 175 lbs, I feel inclined to share my story and help people along their own fitness journeys in some way. I’m considering a book, or a video series.. stay tuned 😉

Do you have any tips for Triplemint members searching for apartments?

This industry is all about having realistic expectations and understanding your timing and finances. It is challenging. Meet with a true professional, assemble the right team, and ENJOY the process. It’s so magical and personal to hunt for a home. Don’t let your emotions ruin it. When you work with me, you will see how much fun it can be to search for a home and nerd out on the numbers.

Do you have any tips for agents who are starting out?

If you want to become an agent because you’ve seen agents on TV make $500k in one day’s work, your expectations are not going to be met. It’s really challenging to get started. You’ll be working on building experience and being able to actively serve your clients needs, but you won’t have a steady check in an industry that’s commission based. Long story short; come with savings.. at least six months. Financial stress and fear leads to a lot of bad decision making. This industry NEEDS good decision makers.

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