Palihouse hotels are renowned for their exquisite design and thoughtful pairing of vintage and modern elements throughout their California, Florida, Washington and Oregon destinations. Beyond the hotel’s look is the feel—the warm and welcoming atmosphere that greets guests and makes them feel “at home” from the moment of arrival. The owners of the hotel collection, Kirsten Leigh Pratt and Avi Brosh, incorporated the vision employed in their hotels to their Hollywood Hills home, which is nestled behind gates on the prestigious Marmont Lane, moments from the iconic Chateau Marmont.

Represented by The Agency’s Christopher Dyson, 8241 Marmont Lane was originally built in 1925, showcasing Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Pratt and Brosh say their home mostly reflects Palihouse Santa Monica, originally built in 1927. The three-bedroom, four-bath home has been masterfully updated with the finest finishes and vintage fixtures. Features include a gourmet kitchen with a large patio and fireplace for alfresco dining, French doors, an open floor plan, a grand master suite with two baths, and a guest house with a separate entrance. Below, we highlight three of the design elements incorporated into the home from the various Palihouse hotel locations.

Two-Tone Walls

Two-tone walls are a prominent feature in the guest rooms at Palihouse Miami Beach and Palihotel Seattle. For the home, the couple kept the original color of the walls and added Farrow & Ball Calke Green. This two-tone feature will also appear in new Palihouse hotels opening next year.

Bespoke Drapery

The couple used moss-green velvet drapery downstairs and a vibrant Ikat Pointe fabric upstairs. The use of dynamic drapery mixing elements, including velvet, can be found at Palihouse Santa Monica.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Vintage light fixtures sourced from far and wide are a staple across the hotel collection. Pratt and Brosh incorporated a wide array of vintage light fixtures throughout their home, keeping a number of original lighting fixtures from the 20’s (including the exterior entrance and one in the stairwell) and added new vintage pieces throughout. One such piece, a 1930’s pendant from Culver City’s Obsolete, resides above the kitchen island.

In addition to the exceptional design, Pratt and Brosh say what they love most about the home is the feeling of living in the best version of a Chateau Marmont bungalow.

“The hotel is generous to its neighbors. We have enjoyed some wonderful perks while living here,” they tell Christopher. “We love how quiet and secluded it is while still being right in the heart of L.A. We are constantly admiring the splendor of the Chateau while enjoying our morning coffee or hosting evening soirées.”

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