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Easy Upgrades To Make To Your New York City Home This Fall

by | Aug 23, 2019

You’ve just purchased a new home, congratulations! While this is undoubtedly a very exciting time in your life, it can also feel overwhelming if your New York City apartment doesn’t feel totally complete to you yet.

If your new home is in need of some upgrades, you may want to move forward with them before you start moving all of your stuff in so that you’re working with a blank slate.

While fall may be synonymous with pumpkin-flavored everything, hayrides, and spooky season, it is also an ideal time of year for home improvement projects. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Comfortable temperatures mean you won’t be sweating or freezing while doing the work
  • Less rain means drier surroundings, and paint dries faster when the room is free from moisture
  • Tons of seasonal design inspiration

Now that you know why you should make some upgrades to your new apartment in NYC this upcoming season, read on for some home renovation inspiration!

Choose a New Look

Did you move to a new neighborhood? Or do you feel like you personify the style of a certain NYC neighborhood? Let your new home reflect that!

The beauty of NYC is that each neighborhood has its own distinct feel and thus style, so figure out what type of decor would best match your neighborhood and choose your pieces based on that.

For example, if you bought your new home on the Upper East Side, or are an Upper East Sider at heart, look for simple and clean designed pieces using muted colors.

Your new home is yours. Use it as a fresh start and a way to really show off your style!


If you’re looking to alter the way a room in your new home looks, search no further! Changing the color of the walls is a great and easy way to instantly upgrade a space.

To make a small room feel bigger, use bright neutral tones like white or light tan to open up the space. If you want a specific room to feel warm and more comfortable, try painting the walls grey or beige.

You can also use color sparingly to make a statement! Create an accent wall by painting one side of the room a bold color and having the other three a neutral tone. This pop of color instantly adds personality and style to a room.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Bringing in new furniture can immediately change the feel of your room and make your new home even more fresh. Plus, this is another way for you to show your personality!

Since you’ve already spent a lot of money buying a home, you might be limited in the funds you have left for furniture. Your guests will spend most of their time in your living room, so you want to design it well and with style!

In that case, look for options like trendy, yet inexpensive sofas that will stand out to your friends and family. From there, you can move on to other rooms and make furniture upgrades as you see fit.

Add an Area Rug

Think about all the time you spend walking barefoot around your home. You want nothing more than to have absolute comfort when spending time in your own space. Adding an area rug to any room of your apartment can make that happen!

Choose a design that works with your furniture and decor. Play with fun patterns and designs. If you spend a lot of time on the floor, look for something cozy so you will be comfortable. There are so many different types of area rugs, so choose what meets your individual needs and style!

Add Life

When it comes to decor, you want your home to feel lived in, not like a museum. Show your personality through pieces of art you hang on the walls and scatter pictures of you and your loved ones around to remind you of happy memories.

You can also decorate using plants to not only add color, but also because they have air-purifying qualities. Living in or near NYC has its perks (hello takeout 24/7), but it also comes with a lot of pollution. Adding in plants can make your new home an oasis of clean and healthy air!

As we transition into fall and you begin moving into your new apartment in NYC, consider making some of these simple upgrades for a personalized look and feel as you start to call your new place home.

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