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Sex and The City: How Much for Carrie’s Apartment?

by | Sep 22, 2014

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment has become one of the most iconic places in New York City. A recent report shows that New York tourists put “seeing Carrie’s stoop” before “visiting Statue of Liberty” on their “top 5 things to do in NYC” checklist that they keep in their fanny packs.

Okay, we made that up. However, it is a stop on bus tours. Even though it has been years since the show has ended, many of us are still curious: how much did she pay for her Upper East Side designer studio, and how much would it actually cost?

Location: 245 E 73rd Street  (between Park and Madison). (Her famous stoop was actually located in the West Village at 64 Perry Street and in later seasons, 66 Perry Street, not on the UES where her apartment was located).

66 Perry Street

Size: Jr 1/1 bathroom (no door separating bedroom from living space)

Floor: 2nd (not confirmed)

Square footage: 600

Type: Multi-family townhouse

Renovation: Unrenovated

What she paid: $700 (rent-stabilized)

What Would We Pay Today For It? $2500-$2800

The closest thing on the market is a unit just a few blocks west at 59 E 74th St. It is smaller than Carrie’s original apartment at 245 E 73rd Street, yet it is similar in style. They are both townhouses with familiar character and cute stoops.

The unit is a five-floor walk-up studio. This means no doors again, which I really don’t think Carrie would mind. She would probably write a column about what it has taught her. She would mention something insightful like:

“Doors are for people who are hiding. Those of us who aren’t hiding don’t need a door because we invite the struggle in. The struggle makes us who we are.”

There is laundry in the building and the view does not suck. If you are looking for a closet like Carrie’s, stop. It’s not happening.

Location: 59 East 74th Street

Size: Studio/1 Bathroom

Floor: N/A

Square footage: 450

Type: Pre-war townhouse

Renovation: Unrenovated

Price: $2500

Description: Massive Studio available for rent on the Upper East Side. Conveniently located by Central Park, Madison Avenue shops, Restaurants. Sunken Living room, exposed brick, deco fireplace. 11 ft. ceilings. Bright light throughout. Separate Kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. Laundry in the building. Walk-in Closet.

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