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How to Find More Space in Your Tiny NYC Apartment

by | Aug 1, 2017

We know that NYC apartments can pose quite a few challenges for renters, particularly in the space department.

For example, how does someone store all their clothes if there’s no closet and barely room for a bed in the room, not to mention a dresser? Or where are you supposed to put all of your pots and pans when your kitchen has approximately four inches of counter space and two cabinets?

Don’t even get us started on how to work a micro studio into three different livable spaces in one, without feeling like you’re cooking spaghetti from your bed. As scary as it sounds, we’ve got some must-try tips on how to declutter your apartment and make your small space seem bigger than it looks.

Think Outside the Box in Your Kitchen

hanging pots

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If you’re limited on cabinet space, hooks are going to be your best friend. Hang bulky pots and pans on the wall closest to your stove using command hooks. If you really want to get fancy, a hanging pot rack from the ceiling will free up loads of space in your cabinets.

Try to keep from hoarding appliances, utensils, and other supplies that rarely get used. Unless you’re a master chef, that potato masher can easily be replaced by your food processor, which will mash your potatoes and anything else you need blended.

Invest in Furniture That Goes Further


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If you’re trying to give one space multiple functions, dual-purpose furniture is your only option. For example, we love a good sleeper sofa. That way, you can host friends and family when they come to the city to visit you.

Another genius invention we’ve seen around is some coffee tables that can double as dining room tables. You’re an adult, eating all your meals from your lap while sitting on the couch isn’t going to cut it anymore (though no judgement, we’ve all been there). Check out this really neat piece we found from Resource Furniture that rises up to a regular height to be used as a dining table or even a desk.

Make Some Minor Bathroom Improvements


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If you own your place or have your landlord’s approval, some minor cosmetic changes will go far in your bathroom.

If you happen to have a pedestal sink, you can easily add a vanity to it for added storage. These cheap hacks can be picked up at an Ikea or Home Depot for minimal cost.

If you’re renting and don’t have the freedom to add in a vanity, you can easily achieve the same results with a small curtain around the bottom part of your sink. This way you can easily keep all of your products and supplies out of site.

Get Your Things Off the Floors

shelf space

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You can free up a lot of space on your floors by taking advantage of the space you have on your walls. Shelves are a great way to get books, picture fames, and other knick knacks off of tables that need to be more functional, while still adding some decorative touches.

If you want to take the whole “get your things off the floors” tip to a whole other level, consider investing in a Murphy bed. It’s perfect if you’re trying to open up space in your studio apartment. Murphy beds can eliminate a serious space-wasting piece of furniture from your space, adding crucial square footage.

Revamp your Closet


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If you’re lucky and actually have a closet, you need to be making the most of it. Add some extra shelves to use your closet space to it’s full potential.

Store seasonal or bulky items on the top shelves to get them out of the way. We recommend using a shoe rack on the floor of your closet, then adding a hanging rack for smaller items such as belts, jewelry, and any other small accessories. Head down to the Container Store or any home improvement store and shop your heart out for closet organization materials.

Get Creative with Lighting and Colors


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Our last tip to make the most of the space in your NYC apartment is to get creative with the lighting and colors.

For lighting, get lamps off the ground and tables by adding a few wall sconces instead. This adds great, natural lighting as opposed to harsh overhead lights, while still being small-space friendly.

Color wise, lighter and neutral colors tend to make a space feel more airy and open, but this doesn’t mean you have to live in a stark white apartment. Keep the majority of your pieces clean and neutral, then add small pops of color to make the space your own. This can be done through art on the walls, decorative pillows, or even a fun rug.

By using some of our hacks, you’ll be able to do so much more with the space you have. No matter how small your New York City apartment might be, we want to help you make it as beautiful and functional as possible. Have fun tricking out your apartment with some of these tips, and embrace your tiny space.

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