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Insight from The Agency’s President Rainy Hake Austin

by | Mar 1, 2023

In her quarterly contribution to real estate publication RealTrends, Rainy Hake Austin shared some keen business insights on “12 ways for real estate agents to become local experts.” With decades of real estate experience behind her, The Agency’s President shares the value of being a local expert and innovative ways to tap into the local market. 


1. Become the local expert newsletter

Put together a monthly or bi-monthly e-newsletter that highlights your favorite local (and seasonal) activities, restaurants and attractions. This can range from new hotspots to tried-and-true classics, new gallery exhibitions to cool cafes and great rooftop bars. The key here is to keep it highly curated. These are your picks, so tell your recipients what you love about them.


2. Create video content

Create a series of short videos or posts highlighting local entrepreneurs. Share their inspiring stories and promote their businesses. Plus, have them share the videos on their channels for extra eyes on the content (and your profile).


3. Change it up on social media

Every week, focus on a different niche of your area on social media. Do a fun post and story featuring your favorite spots and give your audience a taste of the locale’s special vibe.


4. Highlight fellow local experts

Put some community members in the spotlight with quick Q&A reels. Ask them a few questions about their favorite things about the area, edit and voila. 


5. Enhance your listing presentation

In order to demonstrate your local knowledge of a buyer’s neighborhood, include a page in your listing presentation that showcases the ins and outs of the area. Tie this into your marketing strategy. What are you going to highlight with potential buyers in order to make the listing as attractive as possible?


6. Become your clients’ unofficial local tour guide

Organize a personalized tour of your area’s most distinct neighborhoods and attractions. Do it once a year with a select number of clients. 


Maximizing your local knowledge is an opportunity to maximize your business and position yourself as a local expert. Clients are eager to get the insider’s scoop on the nuances of an area and you have just that, so strategically share it in creative ways and get valuable leads that can help take your business to the next level. 

Read Rainy’s full column on RealTrends here.

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