The Agency Founder and CEO Mauricio Umansky has been tapped by Worth Media to be its lead real estate contributor and will bring readers his insight and expertise on a range of industry-related topics. Worth is a global media platform connecting “a community that embraces worth beyond wealth.” The range of content covered by Worth includes finance, business, lifestyle, health and innovation, among others, with programming and cross-platform content including live events, articles, podcasts, videos and newsletters.

“We inspire and inform this community of successful and influential individuals to be their best selves and make an impact on the world,” reads the magazine’s mission. Mauricio has already penned three recent articles, with more content on the way. (Read here.)

“I’m thrilled to partner with Worth to offer my insight on a wide range of topics and trends in the real estate industry,” Mauricio says. “Worth’s mission aligns perfectly with The Agency’s—connecting global communities on topics that truly matter and affect not just their readers’ wallets, but also the quality of their lives.”

In addition to the articles, Mauricio and fellow member of The Umansky Team, Farrah Brittany, joined Worth for its new live series, The Next Normal, which dives deep into what the future holds for businesses in a post-pandemic world. Mauricio and Farrah weighed in on How Purchasing Real Estate is Changing Like Never Before, which you can watch in its entirety here. Both were also featured in Worth’s follow-up article on the future of real estate, which you can read here.

Recent articles by Mauricio include, How This Real Estate Company Transformed Its Business Overnight, in which he wrote about how The Agency quickly adapted to the global COVID-19 pandemic to offer virtual services to clients. Though The Agency banded together as a team to go virtual, he says personal, relationship-focused service remains vital in home buying and selling, which he calls one of the most emotional processes a person will undertake in their lifetime.

“In the era of coronavirus, conducting business virtually is still distinct from digital-only brokerages, because we are sustaining established relationships, through a different medium, and for what we expect to be a limited time,” Mauricio writes. “There is truly nothing that can replace a dedicated real estate professional guiding you through the process.”

In the piece The Perfect Match: Luxury Hotel Brands Meet High-End Real Estate, Mauricio spotlights the appeal of hotel-branded residences. “While trends in real estate come and go, branded residences are not only here to stay, they will remain a popular choice for the most discerning buyers for years to come,” Mauricio writes.

Up next, Mauricio will take a look at some of the most popular second-home markets that The Agency serves. Stay tuned, and read all of the Mauricio-penned articles here