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Navigating the Future of Real Estate: Insights from the CAR Leadership Conference

by | Nov 8, 2023

The recent California Association of Realtors (CAR) Leadership Conference held in Pasadena served as a beacon for industry leaders, where pivotal discussions, insights, and networking opportunities fueled the exploration of the real estate landscape’s future. The four-day invitation-only event included approximately 300 of our industry’s best and brightest, including local association presidents, state leaders and national real estate dignitaries. The event not only showcased industry luminaries but also highlighted the preparedness and foresight of professionals like Daniel Hershkowitz, The Agency’s Senior Director of Risk Management.

Dan’s notable contribution at the conference underscored the significance of readiness and adaptability within the ever-evolving real estate industry. His engaging dialogue with CAR’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jordan Levine, revolved around pertinent topics such as the industry’s future, ongoing class action lawsuits, and the focus on commission agreements. With his insights and expertise, Dan illuminated the audience on the current state of affairs, dispelling exaggerated media narratives and providing a balanced perspective on the potential changes looming in the industry.

Dan addressed the slow-moving nature of litigation, cautioning against sensationalized headlines and emphasizing the gradual pace of real change. His observations brought attention to the industry’s inevitable transformation, driven by the need for more transparent commission structures and highlighted California’s proactive steps in this direction.

Anticipating the industry’s evolution, Dan emphasized The Agency’s preparedness and nimbleness in adapting to potential reforms. Amidst the ongoing shifts, The Agency stands firm on its core principles, particularly embracing change and proactive adaptation. Our focus on trust, mutual understanding, and the reinforcement of their value proposition underlines our commitment to serving clients in an ever-evolving marketplace.

It was an honor to be invited to speak and share my insights,” said Dan. “And the discussion is timely. We’ve heard significant chatter in real estate publications with splashy headlines announcing large broker settlements and threatened disassociation with NAR. The truth isn’t nearly as exciting. It’s incredibly valuable to speak with real estate professionals on this important topic.”

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