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Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld’s UWS Apartment

by | Sep 22, 2014

Suitey analyzes Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment to show you how much it would take to live like our favorite outdated comedian.

Show Duration: 1989 – 1998

Plot: The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York friends.

Awards and Nominations:Seinfeld has 128 nominations and 61 wins.

Do you remember that day back in 1998 when the world stopped turning and it may have actually tilted off of it’s axis a bit? You know the one I am talking about! It was the second most important day in television history (first being Tom Arnold replacing John Goodman on Roseane and everyone acting like it didn’t happen). That’s right, you guessed it. It was the series finale of Seinfeld. Today we turn our focus to the real star of the series, Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment.

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Location: 129 West 81st Street (81st and Columbus)

Size: 1 bedroom, 1 bath

Floor: 5th (Apartment 5A)

Square footage: 850 sq ft

Type: Apartment

Renovation: Unrenovated

What would we pay today for it? $500,000-$750,000

Here is why:

We need to look at the bones of this apartment. It has an open floorplan which is mucho desirable in this market. We can also see that there is an alcove, which New Yorkers use for office space (just like Jerry) or even an extra bedroom. The closest home on the market, as far as square footage and layout, is a unit on the same block, on 81st, between Columbus and Amsterdam.

Location: 170 West 81st (at Columbus)

Size: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Floor: 2nd

Square footage: 800

Price: $625,000

Description: Tastefully renovated and perfectly located, this one bedroom home offers windows in every room and pre-war details throughout. Spacious and well configured, the open, windowed kitchen displays Italian style … Read More

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