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When the owner of a classic 1928 bungalow in L.A.’s buzzing Highland Park neighborhood realized his home was in need of some modern upgrades to appeal to today’s discerning buyer, he enlisted the services of Aaron B. Duke. The mastermind behind the eponymous L.A.-based lifestyle design and architectural coordination studio got to work applying his design know-how to enhance the volume and charm of the 1,020-square-foot bungalow. The newly-renovated home, represented by The Agency’s Michael Perez, Aileen Comora, and Paul Lester, is now a glorified, modern gem that embodies the neighborhood’s laid-back, bohemian spirit. We caught up with Aaron to chat about his approach to the home’s renovation—and even scored a few quick and easy tips for breathing new

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Throughout the years, innovative design continues to push boundaries in interior decor, making way for unique trends in color, texture, shape and function within living spaces. With each passing season, designers look to popular themes and elements that shape the landscape of interior design for years to come, and there’s plenty to choose from right now. Here are some of the best interior design trends to follow this summer to reinvent your living space.

Marble → Marble may have taken a backseat for several years to other materials like granite and laminate, but it’s making a strong comeback now. From moulded countertops to tiled flooring and walls, marble is becoming a dominant material in the design industry. Its elegant design makes a good

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With the autumn season making its debut, it’s time to start trading out your bright and bold summer decor and start experimenting with the textures, patterns and color palettes of fall. If you’re looking to spruce up your home’s fall decor, here are some of the top interior design trends that will inspire you for the upcoming season.

Matte Black —> In contrast to the bold metallics that have become a mainstay in homes as of recent, matte black is gaining popularity in interior design for many reasons: it’s sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Trade out your shiny knobs and trinkets for a few matte black finishes. Mixing matte blacks with bold colors is also another trend to try.

Vintage Finds —> In this day in age, old is new again, so there’s no

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Blog_Feng Shui Into Home If you’re looking to bring fresh, new vibes and positive energy into your living space, feng shui is one of the best ways to do so. Originating from an ancient Chinese art, feng shui is conceptualized as positioning objects in a way to create balance and harmony. One of the most common steps  people take to create a new vibe is rearranging furniture or revamping decor.  However, there are many other changes  that can be made to bring an enlightening mood to your humble abode. Here are a few useful tips to help you maximize the feng shui energy in your living quarters.   Open The Front Door A clean entryway helps to create a welcoming space and prevents energy blockage. Keep the space around your front door clean and clear of objects and clutter. The…
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Blog-London Design FestivalThe international creative community descends on London September 19-27 for the 2015 London Design Festival, one of the world’s most important annual design events. Spanning the design spectrum, from architecture to fashion, this year’s program features hundreds of events and exhibitions on display in dozens of locations across London.

Featured events include 100% Design, the annual interiors, design and architectural fair. This year’s theme ‘Design in Colour’ features next year’s big color trends and displays from over 400 exhibitors, architects and designers from across the globe. Decorex International, an enormous luxury design and interiors show, is themed around the future of design presenting a range of new furniture and textiles in the elegant

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What does storytelling have to do with interior design? If you were to ask Melinda Ritz, everything. Since leaving her 27 year career in film, as well as the hit television show “Will & Grace”—for which she went on to win 3 Emmy awards and receive 7 nominations for art direction—Melinda can still be found building compelling backstories and conveying those traits within an environment. Only this time, her work is not confined to the flat sets of a sound stage but live and breath inside of multi-million dollar homes.

“I take my client’s personality and preferences into account just like I would for a character on screen. It’s really all about telling a story through each individual I work with and showing them the path to a great life.”


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By Max Mervis

Take a look in the dictionary and you’ll find that the synonym for white is colorless. Some people would even say white is boring or lacking in creativity. I think not! There is nothing more beautiful than a pristine white room, and painting your walls white is one of the most underestimated ideas in home design. Far from being colorless, the many hues found within white paint can help you create a space that is cool, minimalist and modern to one that is warm, romantic and inviting. But make no mistake - despite what some might think, pulling off a white room is not a simple task by any means.

Visually, what your eyes perceive when looking at a white wall is a whole palette of colors that produce a variety of effects depending on how it

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The official unveiling of the FENDI Casa Residence at The Carlyle Residences took place last week, delighting over 80 guests who were in attendance to witness the building's newest model residence. Sitting high above L.A.’s Wilshire Corridor, on the 21st floor of The Carlyle Residences, agents, designers and members of the press enjoyed fresh caviar, Prosecco, and white wine catered by Petrossian in West Hollywood while enjoying live entertainment from a saxophonist with 90210 Entertainment.

The Carlyle, with Luxury Living, exclusive retailer of FENDI Casa, outfitted the 2,837-square-foot two-bedroom residence with striking pieces from the FENDI Casa Contemporary Collection. Designed by Toan Nguyen, the interior incorporates the rich elemental

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When the 85th annual Academy Awards is held on Sunday, February 24, the fortunate stars who hear their names announced after "And the winner is ..."  will have a stylish, elegant lounge to relish their victory in backstage thanks to Los Angeles designer Madeline Stuart.

Billed as the Architectural Digest Greenroom, the room will be an Art Deco–style space inspired by 1930s-Hollywood glamour and, in particular, legendary art director and set designer Cedric Gibbons, who most notably designed the coveted Oscar statuettes.

Stuart tells Architectural Digest, "My goal was to create a space where contemporary stars wouldn’t be surprised to bump into Cary Grant or Katharine Hepburn."

Stuart, who ranks among Architectural Digest's AD100 and was named

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One of our all-time favorite style mavens Susan Manrao shares her smart and simple tips for adding Summer style to your home over on the popular home design blog Casa Sugar.

Among the 7 tips Manrao shares include installing mosquito netting over your bed (or your kid's) for a "Summer camp" experience indoors. She also suggests adding water plants to mason jars to bring a fresh green element to your dining table, or add some candles to them for a romantic nighttime glow.

Finally, if you have a BBQ grill that you're no longer using, Manrao suggests turning it into a garden planter filled with flowers, such as impatiens. "It's a simple touch to a beautiful Summer yard," says Manrao.

Read more of Susan Manrao's tips, along with photos, over on Casa Sugar here.

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