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The Agency Wins 7 Hermes Creative Awards

by | May 18, 2022

At The Agency, more of the same is never an option. Our in-house team of creative marketing pros, as well as our innovative agents, are always thinking outside the box—we like to do things differently. Each year, competition judges for the Hermes Creative Awards evaluate the creative industry’s best publications, branding collateral, websites, videos, and advertising, marketing and communication programs. This year, The Agency garnered significant recognition as a messenger and creator of the information revolution, receiving seven Platinum Hermes Creative Awards.

Our 2022 Platinum Hermes Creative Awards recognize:

Our strategic media campaigns. The Agency executives contributed to 120 Thought Leadership Articles in 2021 (wow!). Yep, over 120 byline articles were ideated, written and published by our industry-leading experts. You can see the full campaign here.

Our latest and greatest product launch. Have you read the first-ever issue of The Agency Magazine yet? It certainly made a splash.

Our strategic PR campaigns. The Agency’s in-house PR team constantly tells the impressive stories of our company’s growth, agents’ successes and world-class listings. This year, The Agency made big headlines with record-breaking franchise and corporate growth.

Our global publicity campaigns. An impressive house deserves an impressive campaign: Over 36 editorial articles were secured for a unique luxury listing, Palazzo di Vista. The result? Over 4 billion readers.

Our annual report. The Agency’s Red Paper, themed “The Future is Now,” was an international sensation. The extensive market report compiled the latest data, research and insights on real estate market performance throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe in 2021.

Our strategic marketing and promotion campaigns. The Sanctuary at Loon Point is a once-in-a-lifetime offering and it deserved a special marketing campaign. The Agency’s in-house creative team certainly delivered. See the details and impact of the campaign here.

Our strategic property campaigns. The Agency’s PR team conducted an extensive publicity campaign for Byrdview, a notable property that garnered more than 40 media placements in local, national and international publications, resulting in more than 5 billion impressions. See the coverage highlights here.

See you next year, Hermes Creative Awards. In the meantime, The Agency will keep creating powerful marketing campaigns, making major headlines and continuing to do things our way—loud and proud.

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