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Vincent Gallo Sells West Chelsea Condo

by | Mar 15, 2016

Vincent Gallo may need to take a short break from making indie movies for some good old house hunting. According to The New York PostGallo just recently sold his West Chelsea condo, which he originally purchased for 2M in 2013. Gallo first listed the apartment for sale in January 2015 for a cool 2.95 million, but unfortunately it didn’t sell right away and he had to drop the price down to 2.75 million (what’s two hundred and twenty thousand between friends?) His apartment finally sold for 2.47 million earlier this year. With the apartment sitting on the market for over a year, you have to wonder was Gallo a victim of circumstance or was the apartment simply over-priced? Based on the timeframe alone, I would have to say it was overpriced. A $500,000 drop in price is huge for a listing that started out under $3M to begin with. However, without knowing all the ends and outs of the transactions, we are only left with assumptions. In other words, it is easy to second guess a transaction after the fact.

Classic and Cozyheader

At less than 1,300 square feet, Gallo’s recently sold apartment is not jaw dropping in size despite its hefty price tag. The unit, which is located at 11th Avenue and  19th Street, has a corner living/dining room with terrazzo floors and unbelievable views. The unit also has a private balcony great for entertaining which extends the overall living space. The unit also sports some high end Viking and Sub Zero appliances that would appeal to any buyer. With the cozy size of this apartment, you have to wonder what his next apartment will be like. Is Vincent looking to switch neighborhoods only, looking for an upgrade, or will he be leaving the great NYC?

Mysterious Buyer?

The buyer of Gallo’s West Chelsea apartment has chosen to remain anonymous. Is this buyer another celebrity trying to avoid the limelight or a private individual wanting to avoid being mentioned in The New York Post? Either way, I would have had him autograph the kitchen countertop or something before he left. I think that would be a “unique” addition to the real estate that could not be easily replicated elsewhere.

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