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We Can Take You There: Spotlight On Our Relocation Department

by | Sep 13, 2022

No matter where you’re headed, The Agency will roll out the red carpet for you—with a little help from our in-house Relocation Department. Led by Relocation Director, Rachel Guerin, this special division delivers our distinct brand of concierge-level service directly to current clients and employees of partner companies, all while working to cultivate new revenue-generating opportunities for our agents. It’s a service for clients, agents and companies—and a true win-win(-win). 

“Our trained relocation experts really make a big move not so big of a deal,” says Rachel. “They save clients time and increase productivity. The Agency’s global reach is a benefit to each buyer and seller, ensuring that they receive either the best possible sale of their home or access to a greater breadth of buying opportunities.” 

In short, our agents and their clients have someone in their corner, in every corner of the world. Here’s a rundown of how the Relocation Department serves clients, companies and agents. 


How We Serve Clients 

The Agency’s Relocation Department handles clients’ relocation needs with our signature style and attention to detail. We connect current clients with trusted brokers in cities around the world to ensure The Agency’s level of service from start to finish, no matter where our clients are headed. The team also facilitates putting for-sale homes in front of potential buyers both near and far.


How We Serve Companies 

Corporations move employees to new locations every day, and many companies will pay the associated expenses. The Agency’s Relocation Department builds relationships with companies in order to capture these leads for our agents. They then provide our concierge-level service to the company’s relocating employees. Moving can be a hassle, so it’s the Relocation Department’s goal to make the experience as seamless as possible—for companies and their employees. The Agency’s Relocation Department has served transferees from companies including Chevron, Fidelity Investments and Citadel, among others. 


How We Serve Agents

Through the Relocation Department, agents are able to leverage The Agency’s worldwide network of contacts in their marketing efforts and use the department to connect with out-of-area brokers who can assist clients relocating to a new destination. Benefits to agents include the assurance that their clients are taken care of by managing relationships with qualified referral partners. The team also tracks all deals to ensure follow through, while creating another avenue for agents to grow their business. 

The Agency’s Relocation Department receives rave reviews from top agents—with Rachel Guerin garnering praise for her dedication to serving clients and agents alike with poise and expediency. With nearly 30 years of real estate industry experience—including 19 years in the relocation and referral space—Rachel is a Certified Relocation Professional who has been involved with more than 5,000 corporate moves in her career.

“Rachel has helped me find some fabulous agents for my clients to work with in areas that I am not familiar with,” says Sharon Umansky Benton, a member of The Umansky Team. “Any time I have needed a contact, she has jumped on the job and guided me and my clients to finding a great fit for their real estate goals.”

“Working with Rachel is a delight,” says Howard Elfman, Managing Partner of The Agency South Florida. “She is always upbeat, available and is the ultimate communicator. No matter what the circumstance, she always looks and works toward a positive outcome. We’re so lucky to have her on the team.”

Have questions about The Agency’s Relocation Department services? Reach out to Rachel Guerin directly at 424.201.3693 or Rachel.Guerin@TheAgencyRE.com


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