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Where Nature Meets Nurture

by | Sep 19, 2022

The summer 2022 issue of The Agency Magazine—themed “Call of the Wild”—brought nature-inspired interiors into the spotlight, chatting with Soho Home’s Lyric Brigham on creating spaces for the spirit and senses. Enjoy an excerpt below and read the full article in our digital magazine.

Today’s homes covet the concept of indoor-outdoor living, blurring the lines between nature and home. Not only are architects embracing this approach, but interior designers are, too. Being surrounded by lush greenery, rich textures, natural materials and earth tones curates a sensory experience that soothes the soul and offers irresistible comfort.

Soho House Seating Area

Lyric Brigham, an interior designer at Soho Home’s first U.S. studio, lent her insight into how people can create a more lush, vibrant life through their decor choices. Influenced by art, culture and organic elements, she has a keen appreciation for merging home with nature, resulting in unique designs that are filled with texture, color and plenty of character. 

Soho House Living Room

When it comes to conceptualizing a space, lighting is a major aspect that Lyric addresses at the beginning of her process. “It isn’t normally the focus of a design, but it is a key for ambiance,” she says. “Dimmable lights allow you to create just the right mood. Don’t be afraid to layer your lighting and throw a table lamp on a surface.” 

Soho House Bar

Additionally, for Lyric, natural materials are the secret to creating depth and complexity. “When we think of natural materials, we often think of wood or concrete, but materials such as marble, leather, iron and rattan are also great to weave throughout your home,” says Lyric. Incorporating elements of texture in your design—think velvet, woven textures or bouclé—adds interest.

Soho House Bedroom

Read the full article here.


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