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What makes The Agency Different?

The Agency is a real estate company defined by our strength of character, rebellious spirit and passion for reinvention. We seek out like-minded rebels, if you will. Real estate professionals who share our standards of collaboration, integrity and creativity. And we don’t just team up with anyone. In fact, we can be quite picky. We’ve always been about quality over quantity.

Which brings us to The Agency Rule #1: No Assholes.

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Our Differentiators: More of the Same is Never an Option

Don't Be Shy

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“All of our agents have told us they believe they are getting listing opportunities they would not have had previously. One of our agents who came from a reputable smaller company compared joining The Agency as going from "a Toyota to a Lamborghini"

“From the high-tech systems they have in place, to the vast marketing collateral and PR assistance they provide, to the hands-on approach to solving every problem, this company does everything first-class.”

“Being a part of The Agency has rejuvenated my excitement for the business.”

“The technology behind The Agency combined with the power of the brand has helped grow my business hugely. I have utilized their social media presence to gain and sell listings effectively. This combined with an unparalleled marketing package and digital listing package have helped solidify me as the number one agent in Victoria.”

“We have been overwhelmed with the growth of not only our 100-agent office but the growth of The Agency network. We are very excited to be a part of one of the fastest-growing luxury real estate brokerages and looking forward to where we are headed!”

“Moving from an independent brokerage to The Agency has been one of my best business decision so far. I could go on and on about the positive impact it has made on my agents and myself.“