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Introducing you to Team Gowda – a fantastic trio in the world of real estate. Prakash, the seasoned guide, leads the way, while the dynamic duo, Deeksha and Harshini, bring in a burst of fresh energy. These two are more than just teammates; they're the heartbeat of support, driven by a shared passion to dive deep into researching the best locations and features for homes that truly make for a worthwhile investment. With their infectious enthusiasm and commitment to finding dream homes, Team Gowda isn't just a professional force; they're a tight-knit family exploring the real estate journey together!

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Team Gowda's Transaction History

Address Type
13730 NE 32nd Place, Bellevue WA Sold
19243 NE 149th St, Woodinville WA Sold
7559 125th Place NE, Kirkland WA Sold
8132 231st Place NE, Redmond WA Sold
22512 NE 100th Wy, Redmond WA Sold
18406 36th Dr SE, Bothell WA Sold
11751 173rd Place NE, Redmond WA Sold
21919 NE 11th St, Sammamish WA Sold
17187 NE 117th St, Redmond WA Sold
13075 134th Ave NE, Kirkland WA Sold
7207 Chanticleer Ave SE, Snoqualmie WA Sold
1130 156th Ave SE, Bellevue WA Sold
11571 174th Ct NE, Redmond WA Sold
2841 SE 18th (Lot 1) St, North Bend WA Sold
18118 46th Dr SE, Bothell WA Sold
922 178th Ave NE, Bellevue WA Sold
24024 SE 11th Place, Sammamish WA Sold
17807 38th Dr SE, Bothell WA Sold
33820 SE McCullough St, Snoqualmie WA Sold
8415 230th Wy NE, Redmond WA Sold
13367 207th Ave SE, Monroe WA Sold
3527 198th St SE, Bothell WA Sold
1429 239th Ave NE #Lt106, Sammamish WA Sold
5719 NE 3rd St, Renton WA Sold
17602 40th Dr SE, Bothell WA Sold
7231 133RD Place SE #243, Snohomish WA Sold
7645 Dogwood Lane SE, Snoqualmie WA Sold
1227 199th St SE, Bothell WA Sold
10756 243rd Ave NE, Redmond WA Sold
16642 NE 48th St, Redmond WA Sold