By Max Mervis

There’s no doubt about it - a beautiful lawn will always turn heads. A lawn that looks ignored or is out of sync with the rest of the yards on the street can directly affect the assessed value of your home, as well as increase the time it’s on the market. Nevertheless, if you’re like me and can’t tell the difference between a shrub and a bush, fortunately there are some ways to generate an eye-catching lawn simply by following three basics of good landscaping.

Green it Up!

Start a lawn-maintenance calendar and follow it. If you have a landscaper or lawn crew, every six weeks have them fertilize the grass, or do it yourself at minimal cost. If there are bare spots or if it’s scruffy, the easiest and most inexpensive solution is to buy some sod. At 15-20 cents per foot, it’s a small investment that could reap you considerably more when the time comes to negotiate.

Flower Power 

Flower beds will liven up plainer areas on your lawn, as well as the overall curb appeal of your home. Your landscaper can guide you on which type to will work best, or inquire at the local garden center if doing it yourself. Have fun and make it a family project that will pay off - generally homes with flowering plants and bushes sell at a higher price point than those with plain lawns.

Light it Up

If you’ve made it this far and now have a lawn that will turn heads, it’s time to light things up a bit.  Since buyers aren’t only looking for a new home on bright and sunny afternoons, highlight those things you want people to see, like your new flowering shrubs and any existing mature trees. Outdoor lighting systems can run around $250 for a DIY kit, or have your landscaper price out the job for you. Whichever you choose, make sure to keep the lighting understated.  Many available lighting systems can be bulky or garish, so opt for the simplest, most nondescript type.


Max Mervis has amassed 18 years extensive knowledge of the resale market and more than 12 years of on-site new home sales experience. Max currently resides in Venice, and he is an expert in the beach communities of Venice/Marina del Rey and Santa Monica. 

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