With its beachfront strip, gorgeous weather and low-key atmosphere, the beach cities have been attracting pro athletes since the 1980s. Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach have been the most popular spots in the South Bay. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times for their 30th Anniversary Issue of 'Hot Property,' Kofi Natei Nartey gave insight on these real estate purchases.

"There is a high congregation of hockey players in the South Bay, Manhattan Beach in particular," said Kofi Natei Nartey, Managing Director - The Agency Beach Cities and Director of The Sports & Entertainment Division. "But you also see a lot of out-of-state players who want to live here and train in more favorable conditions."

The athletes in these neighborhoods, especially Los Angeles Kings players, have become a part of the local community. Many attracted to the area because the residents allow them their privacy, and the proximity to El Segundo, LAX, and downtown Los Angeles, make it an easy work commute.

Athletes are also drawn to the area for investment purposes, seeking real estate purchases to diversify their portfolios. "There is a shift taking place among athletes in that there is a desire to build wealth as opposed to just getting rich," Nartey said.

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