Gone are the days of static, dry techniques. When it comes to marketing luxury real estate, compelling photography and moving images are setting the bar sky-high (literally).

Leading the way are individuals like The Agency's Santiago Arana who, for a current ultramodern listing, sought out a special photographer to capture underwater angles. "We're always looking for that extra thing to differentiate the property and to showcase its features," he told Variety Magazine.

The article, Drone's Lift L.A.'s Luxury Real Estate Market for Showbiz Celebs and Execs, explores how high-tech and digitally enhanced tools, mainly drones, are re-inventing today's luxury home selling-and-buying trade. Artistically produced shorts help companies market not just, say, a perfectly seamless Beverly Hills estate, but the presumed lifestyle that comes with living there.

Much more than an act of real estate vanity, drone-shot footage presents an accurate representation of a home, explains the article, which increases buyer confidence. The result? There is no element of surprise for high-net worth buyers on tight timelines, and the seller's agent is not wasting their time either.

Another way that Santiago manages to save time is through The Agency Mobile Real Estate App (mentioned here), which allows him to live-chat with potential buyers who click on his listing. This serves as a huge advantage, especially for international buyers, as it establishes a dirct and instant link—similar to if you were shopping online. Of course, Santiago reminds us that no matter how fast the process is sped up, "Clients still want customer service: it's still a customer service business."

Read the full Variety Magazine article here. For more on Santiago Arana, visit his profile page.