In the business of real estate, word of mouth has always been king. Craig Knizek, Debra Jaffe and Michelle Schwartz of The Agency are finding that reinforcing that culture in the Valley comes rather naturally.

The three power brokers recount stories and exchange real estate adage in an article for Ventura Boulevard Magazine. As Craig remarked that, “Every listing is an interview for another client.” However, looking past mere adage--the confluence of experiences amongst three of the Valley's elite real estate veterans, points to the extremely organic manner in which these real estate relationships in the Valley form.

Craig, who grew up in the West San Fernando Valley, is quick to relate to the needs of many of his clients, seeing as the San Fernando Valley boasts a sizable majority of family-centric neighborhoods and homes being sold from family to family. In that vulnerable emotional transaction, Craig remains unnerved in banking on the referral process. It has paid off. His clients form an uncanny trust and an irrefutable desire to pass on good information.

In the valley, where family-life is dominant and homeowners already boast a significant real estate savvy and sophistication, acquaintance turn client is forever likely to be a Valley truism. With its high referral collaborative system, robust marketing exposure and three agents who live and breathe the unique culture cultivated by the San Fernando Valley, The Agency is in steady hands for its expansion north.

The full article can be read here.