To design The Agency’s new Brentwood office, Billy Rose and Santiago Arana teamed with the in-house space planning department and construction department at Douglas Emmett Inc, one of the largest owners/operators of Class-A office properties in Los Angeles.

The inspiration for the design was The Agency’s company culture, which emphasizes partnership, collaboration and creativity. Our agents meet often, share ideas and believe that "no one is as smart as all of us." For this reason, while it was important for agents to have private spaces to conduct focused work and meet quietly with clients, it was also necessary for there to be ample space for collaborative sessions and chance collisions throughout the day.

“I think what separates The Agency from other brokerages is the fact that we truly work collaboratively,” say Billy Rose, Founder and President, The Agency. “You don’t see this type of [office] space in the brokerage industry generally speaking.”

The open floor plan of the office, which is located in the 11777 San Vicente building, features marble floors, walls of glass and a “Central Park” area; elements that promote fluid interactions amongst agents and clients. The clean lines and purity of open space of the Brentwood office advocates the principle that less is better, presenting areas where people are not burdened with non-essentials and can come together and share their ideas.

“The whole idea was to change the concept of those offices where everything is closed,” adds Santiago Arana, Principal and Partner, The Agency.

For more information on The Agency’s Brentwood office design, check out the video here.

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